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You have academic goals.
We can help you reach them hassle-free.

What is Pay For Essay?

GradeMiners is an academic writing company that helps students with essays and other types of high school, college, and university research papers. The online essay writing service by Grademiners.com is known for its well-earned reputation, thousands of customers all over the world, mainly in the United States, and affordable prices. The writing quality that the company offers its customers is also above-average.

Paying for essay is the process of buying a custom-written essay prepared by an online writer in return for a financial reward, also known as a fee. An agreement between a customer and a writer is protected by a writing company that provides a safe and secure space for the parties to order and fulfill essays – Grademiners.com.

If you’re serious about finding an expert to pay to write essay, the Grademiners company is one of the best in the US. More than 10 years in the market of successfully writing essays is one of the key reasons to choose this service. Also, it has a huge pull of competent writers across 50+ academic fields. Some of the most requested disciplines are:

  • Literature
  • History
  • Nursing and medical science
  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Technology
  • Math
  • Social science and politology
  • Natural sciences
  • Education

It’s safe to say that the company offers perhaps the best writers in the market. They know how to write quality essays fast according to a given brief. Free topic brainstorming is included in the price, so a customer doesn’t even have to think of an essay title themselves. Telling a subject, paper type, deadline, and reference sources will suffice for any Grademiners writer to complete an order.

Grademiners.com is DMCA protected. The company offers legit a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Students who’ve been buying custom essay writing services on the site point out that the writing quality is pretty good while deadlines are met 9/10 times.

Why Do Students Pay People to Write Essays?

There are several reasons why students want to pay people to write essays for them. The most common reasons are:

  • Lack of free time.
  • Too heavy workload.
  • Different plans for the day.
  • General reluctance in terms of doing written homework assignments such as essays.
  • Revision requests.
  • Turnitin troubles.
  • Let’s analyze each of the factors in detail.

Lack of free time

Our time is our valuable resource. Since there are only 24 hours within a day, our time is limited. That’s why everyone has to prioritize tasks carefully and decide what activities are more important than others. For example, nearly 30% of students prefer to pay to write paper rather than do it on their own.

The main reason is that they know they’re not going to spend their time writing essays instead of personal life, family time, hobbies, catching up with friends, or things like that. Being busy at work or after classes is one of the reasons more and more students tend to delegate essays rather than write them personally. The result is the same, but time – everyone’s most valuable asset! – is saved. Paying for essay on sites like Grademiners.com solves the problem of not having enough free time for good.

Too heavy workload

“I pay someone to write my paper because I can’t keep up with the workload on my own,” – says Mark, one of Grademiners.com’s regular customers. Mark isn’t the only one who discovered that paying for essays, or at least some of them, is one of the best ways to hand in all the papers in time. Because we all know that professors hate when students don’t hand in their works timely (like they don’t have other things to do but writing essays?)

If the workload is too heavy, don’t torture yourself and hire an essay helper online instead. When you apply for your first  job, no one will be asking you, “How many essays did you write?” or “Were all your essays written by you?”

No, essay writing is the thing of the past that needs to go, which has no place in the modern world. However, college boards still stand in the way of progress, bombarding students with tons of essays to write even in minor courses. The best known solution? Buying essays, all or some part, from expert essay writers. This will loosen the workload and help get your energy levels back to normal.

Different plans for the day

Missing out on an evening with friends or not going to the gym only because there’s this 2000-word essay due until tomorrow? That’s definitely not an option! It’s your life and your time, and it should be spent doing what matters. As we all know, no one outside college wants to hear how many essays you write and what your sophomore coursework title is. The only thing that will matter is your GPA. With that, Grademiners.com knows how to work the best!

General reluctance

Some students enter college only to get a degree. Not everyone dreams about becoming a professor and pursuing an academic career for the rest of their lives. In the modern world, a college degree is an instrument for achieving a better job, higher salary, and other perks like that. An MBA student already has a job, maybe even a family to come to after work or after classes. Such a student doesn’t have any time to spend on writing a case study or essay – there are more important things – real things! – that have to be taken care of.

Also, there are students who come to the US to have fun! To travel on weekends, to enjoy an occasional party or two, meet new people, establish valuable connections for the future, and simply to enjoy living in the States. For such students, there’s no point in writing essays, which are only the means to progress further in college. We don’t blame or judge anyone. All of us have our goals and a means to an end. What unites us and makes all the students we spoke about alike is that Grademiners.com is the place where everyone pays for essays to be able to do what they really want.

Revision requests

Revisions are the worst! They are among the top reasons why students stop writing essays on their own. Imagine that you did an essay or paper, worked really hard, all on your own, haven’t got any proper sleep in days, only to find out that an instructor found a gazillion reasons to send your work back for revising!

This phrase doesn’t fit in here…

That is a vague statement…

No link to the original source?

The quote is not cited properly…

What is it – plagiarism?!

Blah blah blah!

The best thing about having an online essay writer doing your homework is that you won’t have to deal with that nagging, complaining, and endless revisions. A good writer will do your essay on the first try most of the time, saving you the trouble of rewriting your paper again and again until there’s no gas left in the tank. Saves a lot of time as well!

Turnitin troubles

Finally, we’ve come to Turnitin. A half-mystery, half-magic software that allegedly detects plagiarism in submitted texts. But if you read Turnitin’s FAQ, you’ll find out that it doesn’t even find plagiarism – it only highlights text extracts that seem to look like plagiarism, leaving it up to a teacher to either confirm the fact of plagiarism or give your essay the green light.

Needless to say, many students find it difficult to work with Turnitin. However, if you pay someone to write your essay on Grademiners.com, Turnitin won’t be a problem. We use legit software such as Copyleaks and Copyscape to ensure that an essay or paper is original. Also, our essay writers know a couple of tricks of the trade to secure you from any possible Turnitin troubles. Your teacher will see a solid similarity report in the system, and you will have your A.

Where It’s Best to Pay Someone to Write Your Essay?

Grademiners.com is the best website to pay for essay online. We accept payments made by Visa, Master Card, and American Express cards, as well as chosen online payment systems like Discover. The money-back guarantee comes with every new order, ensuring that your money is safe while you can always count on having it back. In addition, Grade Miners treats customer data with great respect, which can be read about on the Privacy Policy page. The site is DMCA-protected and generally safe for use by students in the USA.

The price is also right, especially taking into account that we work with experienced subject-matter writers. Everyone speaks English on a high level, whether it’s their native or second language. As far as writers go, everyone has a degree across a particular subject field, so your research paper won’t be written by some journeyman!

The ordering process takes just a few minutes, leaving you to spend the rest of the time left until the submission as you please. The final draft is always edited and proofread by a Quality Assurance Department expert, so you won’t have to do any editing or proofreading on your own. Grademiners.com simply gets the job done from A to Z.

How to Pay For Essays on Grademiners.com?

Students who want to buy essays can do it with the help of the order form or a quick price calculator. The ordering process takes less than a couple of minutes and is fully confidential. Students pay for essays on a secure checkout page using the most comfortable payment method.

Grademiners.com supports paying for essay via a bank card or services like Discover. We work with the best online payment providers to ensure the maximum safety of customer payments. Every payment on the site is protected by the money-back guarantee.

The steps to pay for essay on GradeMiners.com are:

  1. Click on the “Order” button anywhere on the site or…
  2. Click on the “Order now” button on the quick price calculator.
  3. Fill out the order form.
  4. Checkout safely.
  5. Download your essay on time.

Good luck with your essay! Each time you need quality paper fast and cheap, come to us!

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