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Social Psychology as a course has great influence on my career as a prospective Military Family Life Consultant. I have been married to a naval officer for the past twenty-three years and this has further influenced my intention to help the family of military officers as I understand how these people likely feel as I have been there before. Social Psychology would help me achieve this aim as I would be able to use the concept of the course to understand the emotions and apprehension felt by the family of military men. It is therefore pertinent to explain the rudiments of Social Psychology as this would help to show the reasons the course would help me in being a consultant to the family of military officers. Social Psychology deals with the extent at which the lives of individuals are influenced or affected by the social group they belong to (Morris & Maisto, 2005). Hence, I would use Social Psychology to understand the reason that the lives of the Military Family are influenced by the circumstances that surrounds them.

Social Psychology shows the extent at which circumstances affect the life of people as it shows how the situation around people influence their lives either positively or negatively (Kagan, 2002). This would also make me understand the consequences of the circumstances that surround military officers and the effect it could likely have on their family members (Kassin, Fein, & Markus, 2008).

I would use Social Psychology as a basis to understand the reasons that the family of military men is emotionally attached to each other. Social Psychology would help me understand the way these people feel and I would be able to advise them on the steps to take to fight their emotions and their apprehensions.

Social psychology would help me understand the way the Military Family feel, think and behave and how their lives are influenced by the members of their family in the military. Hence, Social Psychology would help my career as a Military Family Life consultant as it is just like fitting a round peg in a round hole.


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