Using geography to survive Zombie attack

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Using geography to survive Zombie attack

There are situations or circumstances that could happen in life that would endanger the survival of human beings. A example is a zombie attack. It is important for an individual to possess appropriate skills that would enable him or her stay alive if such a situation was to arise. This paper focuses on how geography would help an individual survive such an attack, and also outlines and subsequently classifies five important factors that would help an individual survive such an attack. In addition, this paper gives a personal opinion regarding this topic.

Possessing appropriate skills in geography would be important in helping an individual survive a zombie attack. Geography skills in this context denotes the ability to analyse the surroundings. Analysing the physical surroundings and environment would help an individual identify geographical factors that would be beneficial. One of these factors include movement. Movement is the ability to travel from one place to another. It is important to consider the fact that there are various things that can travel or be transported from one place to another. Understanding the fact zombies would also move from one to another would be important  to identify places to avoid. There are certain provisions that zombies would require. Being able to identify and recognize materials and equipment that would only be used by zombies would be important in identifying places or regions to avoid. Subsequently, the ability to identify materials or equipments that would be used by human beings to defend themselves from such an attack would be important in identifying locations inhabited by people. In other words, coming across any equipment of defence such as arrows is an indication that there are human beings nearby (Hunter, n.d).

According to Hunter (n.d), information, facts, and data also has the capacity to move from one place to another. Therefore, comprehending that fact would be important in defending oneself against zombies. This is because materials such as books, videos, and magazines on zombies would have details on how to protect and defend oneself in case of such an attack. Such materials could also possess information on structural designs and plans of buildings considered safe in case of a zombie attack.

The second geographical factor that would help an individual survive a zombie attack is migration. Comprehending or understanding the reasons people travel from one place to another would be important. There are various aspects or reasons that would make an individual or a zombie travel from one place to another leave. These are classified into push and pull factors. Push factors are defined as forces that would make an individual or zombie depart from a particular place. Pull factors are defines as forces that attract people to move to that particular region (Hunter, n.d). In case of a zombie attack, a place or region where people are migrating from is a no go zone. On the other hand, following people to where they are migrating to would be a good idea. This is attributed to the fact that people are forced to leave a place by unsafe surroundings such as high prevalence of criminals. Zombies will therefore force people to leave a place and a safe environment and availability of resources necessary for survival would attract people to move into a new location.

There are certain geographical factors that would make movement or migration easier. For example, it would be easier and faster to escape a zombie attack through plain grounds as compared to hilly or mountainous regions. There are also other hindrances to migration or movement such as international frontiers. Therefore, analysing a certain geographical region appropriately would help identify the direction to follow when escaping a zombie attack. Investigating and exploring geographical conditions in a certain region involves understanding the connection between different regions such as big towns that would offer refuge. Towns or cities with a well-built connection are connected by elaborate routes of transport as people in these towns frequently travel from one place to another (Hunter, n.d). Towns or cities with easy access means that zombies will also be able to easily access that place. Therefore, it would be wise to move or migrate to regions with limited routes of access as they would be safer. For instance, a town surrounded by mountain or hills and no elaborate road would be safer.

Ranking factors

The most important factor is the relationship between different regions such as towns. Comprehending the ease of access of various towns or regions would be very important in deciding the direction to follow when running away from zombies. The second factor according to importance is being able to identify goods and equipments that could either be used by zombies or people. For example coming across food supplies means that there are people close by and hence one is following the right direction. Thirdly, the topography of a certain region is important. This is because it is easier to move through a plain field than across mountain. Fourthly, being able to identify the pull and push factors. Fifthly, is understanding where to get information on zombie attack since information also moves from one place to another (Hunter, n.d).

Personal opinion

In my opinion, having a clear understanding of the geographical conditions of the surrounding areas where you live is important. This makes it easier for an individual to identify the faster and most easier route or direction to follow in case of emergency such as a zombie attack. In addition, investigating and scrutinizing the geographical areas within which you live is important as it would give you an idea of the places to hide in case of an emergency, or where best to plan a counter-attack when faced by a zombie attack. It is also important to consider the fact that zombies would target areas with large population of people due to their ease of access. It is therefore important to avoid such places in such a situation. When building a house, one of the factors that one ought to consider is the safety of the house in times of emergency. In my point of view, buildings should be built in areas where the occupant has the ability see or have a clear view of the happenings in the external environment in all directions. Valleys should therefore be avoided as places of residence. Another important factor that people ought to investigate in their neighbourhood is the ease of availability of resources and supplies in times of an emergency. Living in a secure place with easy availability of supplies would be important as people would not be pushed to other regions. In fact, people from other regions would be attracted by the pull factors in that region.


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