Is technology hindering us as humans?

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Information Technology
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One of the most important revelations of the contemporary world is the explosion of the technology bubble that has enabled the creations of new invention and discovery of yet newer technology. This fantastic revelation has provided immense benefits to the human civilization and enabled Man to dream about things that were considered a miracle in the recent past (Stein 1998). These recent developments show that technology is a boon for humans but on the contrary the case is completely the opposite.

Although technology has made living in the modern world a lot easier as compared to the past, however the same technology has also created a lot more problems than it has solved. In many cases the problems that have been created are more harmful than the problems that technology has solved (Mesthene 1970). Critics of technology argue that due to the advent of new technology we are faced with yet new problems and in our quest to solve those problems we create new problems (Oskamp and Spacapan 1990). Hence it is a cycle that keeps on repeating.

For example in the past swords were used by people to fight. Although war itself is bad however the impact of such wars was not as devastating as it is now. With the invention of new weapons, thanks to technology, the impact of those weapons in terms of the destruction they cause has increased exponentially. A good example of a modern weapon is the nuclear weapon technology used by USA on Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War 2.

Due to technology we face many new diseases today as compared to the past. Previously flu could prove to be fatal for a person. However nowadays there as many types of cancer as there were total diseases in the past. New diseases are being created every day and people are suffering due to the technological advancements. In making transportation easier and faster we created cars and trains however we damaged the environment, in our quest to increase the world food supply for a growing population we created HYVs however they created more diseases among people. Hence the more we tried to solve our problems the more problems we faced.

Today we cannot live without technology. It has become an important part of our lives. Imagine living without electricity or any other gift of technology. I am sure you cannot live without them. People have come to accept technology whether they love it or hate it as it has become an essential part of the society and it is very difficult to live without it. People use technology so much that they have to use the calculator to do some simple mathematical calculation (Douglas 1971). So imagine that what if all this technology comes crashing down? It only takes a small virus to do that. What will the human race, which is so dependent on technology today, do?


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