Research on Zombies

Research Proposal
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General Framework:

The research under consideration involves whether Zombies actually exists, or this concept is just a myth. A zombie refers to the body of an individual who is dead, but later on takes the form of a human life. Zombies are always speechless, moving about with an evil intention. The reason for researching on this topic is based on my curiosity on why some people believe in Zombies, and yet there isn’t any physical prove of their existence (Gunn, 17). However, the researcher has had an experience about Zombies, and how they affect the human social life of people. These experiences are based on the wide varieties of book talking about supernatural believes and occultist practices. From these books, the researcher has come upon claims of the powers of witches to raise dead bodies, and use them for occultist purposes.

The researcher has also watched several movies depicting Zombies, and this includes almost all movies of the Harry Potter series, the charmed ones, etc. These movies normally depict Zombies as scary creatures, who arise from the dead, out to create havoc. On this basis, the researcher aims to find out whether these creature usually exist in the real life, and if they exist, where have they been seen, and what are their missions (Pipe, 22). This research is very useful to the researcher. This is because the researcher will learn on the various religious beliefs and occultist practices concerning super-natural creatures, and this includes Zombies. On this note, it is the aim of this research to give knowledge to my instructors and classmates on the various believes concerning the existence of Zombies.

Specific Focus of the Research:

This research aims to prove that Zombies do not exist, and they are only myths. In order to prove the above statement, the focus of this research is to analyze the various literature and information concerned about witchcrafts from the periods of 1992, starting with the Salem witch trials, to the periods of 2000s. On this basis, this research aims to cover a very wide period of time. This is for purposes of getting a clear prove that Zombies are actually myths, and do not exist. On a geographical perspective, this research is limited in United Sates (Riordan and Bill, 31). This is because there is so much information concerning occultist believes and Zombies in the United States.

However, this topic will only be limited to the study of books, and written literature in analyzing this topic of Zombies. This is because it will be very difficult to find anybody willing to talk about Zombies and their existence (Weakland, 21). This is because this topic is controversial, and people might fear giving out their opinion because of criticism. On this basis, this limitation falls under critical context. The fulfill the objectives of this research, the research will aim at answering the following questions;

  • Do Zombies exist?
  • Has anyone physically seen their existence?
  • If yes, when, and where in particular?
  • What is the role of witches in propagating the existence of Zombies?
  • What is the impact of the Salem witch trials in the belief of the occultist world?

Research Sources and Strategies:

To effectively carry out this research, the researcher will conduct a library and internet search. Under the library researcher, the researcher will look for books that talk about cults and occultist practices in order to gather information about Zombies. The researcher will also rely on electronic journals, specifically EBSCO, and Jstor (Bryman, 17). The authors of these journals have extensive knowledge on various disciplines, and it is therefore an important source of gathering information. Under internet research, the author will look for reliable sites that talk about occults, and spiritual beings. This is for purposes of gathering information pertaining to Zombies, and their activities. This method of collecting data is beneficial to the researcher, because the library and the internet are widely available. It is also cheap and less expensive for the researcher to collect data through this method.

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