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Something Better Than Creative Writing Essay Examples

Writing texts for college and university is a challenging assignment every student deals with. And preparing compositions for creative writing classes is even more complicated. This is an incredibly overwhelming task for students with vivid imagination because they have a vast field for creativity and choice, and, therefore, can fail to concentrate on one idea. On the other hand, preparing a creative writing paper is far more complicated for students with analytical thinking skills because they have to think outside the box to write a composition. To write a creative writing paper, you should not convey or expose information. In creative writing, it’s rather appropriate to express your thoughts and feelings, spread awareness about something or someone, educate or entertain the readers. So, if you want to be good at creative writing, you have to be bigger than an ordinary writer with conventional ideas, style and so on. To write an impressive creative writing essay, you need to have fun with what you’re doing and put your mood and thoughts into the words.

Do’s and Don’ts of Creative Writing Paper

So, how to start a creative writing essay? That’s easy. Just follow our guide:

  • Understand the topic.

Research to know all aspects of what you’re writing about. Your goal is to be competent in the subject of your project.

  • Gather side opinions.

See what others think about your idea. You can call your friends, ask your parents or simply Google. Now that you have a bigger picture and understanding of the topic of your essay, analyze everything you’ve got.

  • Create a draft of your text.

Combine every thought you’ve had in the process of research and make up your mind about the theme. Write it out.

  • Add details, create the setting, set the tone, speak your voice.

It’s your story, so it’s up to you to decide whether the text will be written in a friendly tone, in an educational manner or some other style. Speak from your heart. Decide on the time and place (if any) to make your story more precise.

  • Take some time.

In writing texts of any kind, it’s vital to stand out. So, put off your essay and change your activity. It will help you be a better storyteller. Then, you’ll be able to see your composition for the first time, as a different person. Thus, you may notice that your composition either lacks something or is filled with too many descriptions or something else.

  • Edit like crazy.

Go through every page of your composition. Try to detect grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, illogically written sentences or improperly used words. Also, make sure you’ve cited the words of other scholars (this will save you from plagiarizing). Are you ready to start writing the text on your own? Check out our creative writing essay prompts to make sure you’re doing everything right.

  1. DO use your imagination and the craziest ideas

Have you ever had an insane thought about the spirit world, courage in the Medieval times, mermaids or anything else? Now is the time to make use of these ideas.

  1. DO read the subject-relevant literature

Writing papers without reading the same texts is impossible. No kidding. Get the inspiration and the examples from reading the works by other authors. It always helps.

  1. DO format your paper to avoid plagiarism

Ensure all the borrowed ideas are cited. What someone else thinks, how he writes, what constructions he uses may be helpful to you. However, remember that you are the author, so make sure your voice is heard. It’s singular, unique.

  1. DON’T include trivial ideas to tell your story

It would be nonsense to write a creative writing essay using zero-creativity thoughts. Stuck with ideas? Remember to carry your phone or a notebook with you. Thus, you’ll be able to write down ideas anytime they come to your head.

  1. DON’T write when you don’t feel like it

Writing texts should please you. When you’re writing, enjoy the process and have fun. To do so, make sure the timing works best for you (some people prefer writing in the morning while the so-called ‘owls’ write later, in the afternoon or evening), your workspace is perfectly arranged (for instance, grab a pillow or turn on the most relaxing music) and you feel the desire to get down to writing (don’t force yourself to write compositions).

  1. DON’T overuse adjectives, adverbs, complicated phrases and terms

Back in the days, it was trendy to write flowery prose, describe a piece of fabrics using 2,000 words. Now the conversational speech itself has changed. Surely, if your style is descriptive, make use of it. But don’t try to ‘look professionally’ by using too many adjectival and adverbial constructions. Make sure the reader will easily understand your text.

Original Creative Writing Essays Topics to Get Inspiration From

One of the essential components to hand in an eye-catching creative writing essay is to select an exciting topic to write on. When choosing a theme for your paper, make sure you understand its idea and have your personal opinion about it. The internet is filled with tons of ideas for creative writing compositions, so go through all of them and choose the one that feels right to you. Here’s the list of the creative writing essay topics prepared by our experts:

  1. Contributing to the World Change: What I Can Do
  2. Popularity in the Life of a Student
  3. The Role of Death in My Life and How to Control It
  4. How Eye Contact Changes Attitudes to Other People
  5. Friendship Between Different Sexes: Truth or Fiction
  6. One Conversation That Has Changed My Life
  7. Great Minds Around Us
  8. A New Definition of Success
  9. Sounds That People Don’t Hear
  10. Friendship in the Era of Social Media

We hope that, at least, one of these topics will be a matter of your interest. Use the most intriguing topic for your creative writing composition and start working on the text. Good luck!

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