White Collar Crimes Evaluation Essay

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Even as the world experiences numerous positive developments, there are still negative developments that have proven to be cancer in the society. The development of crime is one such negative development that is finding its way into the society. Crime has evolved from the one involving violence to a more difficult ‘silent’ crime known as the white collar crime. This paper focuses on white collar crime, its impacts and punishment. White collar crime is a nonviolent crime, usually financially motivated, that involves high-status government or business individuals (Sutherland & Geis, 1949). People engage in this crime so that they can protect or acquire money, services, and property. White collar crimes involve activities such as embezzlement of funds, money laundering, cyber crimes, identity theft, etc.

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The white collar crimes like any other crimes have adverse effects on the society and the government. The crime affects everyone from individuals to the government. Edelhertz (1970) analyses that for instance where a company loses money through fraud, it charges its consumers exorbitant prices, lays off or reduces the salaries of their employees, and they are unable to pay off their debts. The inflation levels increase due to increase in the price levels.The crimes are growing cancer in the society that needs to be terminated. Those found perpetrating it need to be punished heavily by the law. Punishments for the white collar crimes vary from one country to another. For example in the United States of America, the punishment could be in the form of community service, probation, imprisonment, fines or other penalties while in a country like China it can be punishable by a death penalty (Posner, 1979).

In summary, the white collar crime is an advanced crime that requires the effort of everyone to curb it. The impact of the crime has also been discussed.

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