The Microsoft server message protocol

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The Microsoft Server Message block refers to a network protocol that makes it possible to share files using integrated messaging computer applications that read and write program files containing execution instructions from the Microsoft network servers. This message block protocol is integrated with other network protocols such as the TCP/IP that access the internet resources from remote servers to read the existing files, create new files, and update the already stored files. Moreover, the Microsoft Server Block allows for communication and resource monitoring between different server programs to handle client requests. This server message block enables different applications such as the mail server and printers to remotely access the multiple server connections. It also effectively communicates with other server programs that transmit the client requests on the server message block.

The Microsoft SMB protocol is designed with original implementation abilities that allow for scalability, server security, and guaranteed effectiveness. A program similar to the server message protocol is the Common Internet File System (CIFS) which offers a centralized file-sharing mechanism within the remote servers but in a more faster and efficient manner compared to the Microsoft Server Message Block. However, the implementation of the CIFS is susceptible to network traffic congestion and latency when implemented on a large scale on a wide range of shared networks (Kim et al.  21). The major challenges facing the implementation of the Common Internet File System have been addressed using the Bandwidth which eliminates redundancy in the WAN implementation, the Latency mitigation program which makes it possible to enable file sharing across networks whose servers are located far away from each other (LLC, Tara). The issue of network congestion in the CIFS is mitigated by resequencing the file transfer protocol packets to reduce the delays associated with file retransmission using the Dynamic Path Control protocol to increase optimality in the file-redirection to a remote location. This plays a significant role in shaping the traffic as well as the QoS protocols that make it possible for the CIFS to transmit and receive the accurate bandwidth.

The Microsoft server message block is responsible for determining the other protocols implemented on the network to allow for effective browsing, printing files over a remote network, redirecting files, authenticating the shared files, authorizing remote access to files and records stored on the servers, and using the Unicode program to extend the file attributes to allow for a change of the directory notifications (Kim et al.  21).The server message block protocol within a network is applied for implementing file transfer in the Microsoft Windows.

The practical applications of the server message protocol in a remote network include the visualization of the file storage using the Virtual hard disk configuration for the stand-alone and clustered file-servers that integrate the clustered file storage mechanism for the cluster and the Hyper-V. The server message protocol and the common internet server system implements the SQL server protocols to facilitate the storage of user databases in the stand-alone Structured Query Language servers to add support to the other SQL servers and the system file storage directories. Moreover, the server message block enables the system to store the end-user data for handling information client workloads. This significantly reduces the latency in file transfer over a Wide Area Networks (WAN) for improved data protection.

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