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Perspective of life and death

Subject: Psychology
Pages: 2
Words: 590
Rating: 4,8

Explanatory theories have one or more hypotheses on suicide. Durkheim theory has offered sociologists a conceptual outlook that links religion and suicide. According to Durkheim,…

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Is PTSD in combat veterans a significant contributor in domestic…

Subject: Law
Pages: 2
Words: 594
Rating: 4,7

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that develops in a good number of people who may have experienced a shocking event in life. Naturally,…

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How does Hirsch’s social control theory fit Durkheim’s egoistical and…

Subject: Psychology
Pages: 1
Words: 302
Rating: 4,1

Foremost, it is important to comprehend the basis and the scope of Hirsch’s social control theory and Durkheim suicide concept.  Travis Hirsch conceptualized this theory…

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Addressing suicide trends

Subject: Psychology
Pages: 6
Words: 1681
Rating: 4,6

Abstract The suicide trends in the military have become prevalent to the extent that the number of soldiers committing suicide is higher than that of…

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Diagnosis of Charles’ сase

Subject: Psychology
Pages: 2
Words: 623
Rating: 4,4

As a clinical psychologist, I intend to use client records and interviews to diagnose my client called Charles. The client records will be essential in…

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