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Selling the Girl Next Door

The documentary explores the dark world that is the selling of underage girls for sex. It starts with the story of Salina, a minor who was pimped at 13 years but now finds herself institutionalized after being caught in the act. The film illustrates how easy it is to lure and sell the girls to engage in various sexual activities. It further shows how easy it is to entice the girls into underage prostitution because the “pimps” just need to shower them with gifts or affection and they fall into their traps because of their naivety. 

Technology has revolutionized how businesses operate, and it is no different for prostitution. It is so easy to find someone to engage in sexual intercourse online, and some unscrupulous individuals take advantage to list underage girls for sex on sites such as Craiglist and Those behind the illegal business use fear and intimidation to threaten the minors who are too fearful to quit the trade because they are afraid that might cost them their lives (Waters). It is of great concern that some of the men who shop for girls on the adult sites proceed to engage in sexual activities with them in spite of knowing that they are underage.

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The text below the film is a good description of the documentary. The person behind it tells her story through Salina; a girl lured into the dark world of prostitution at 13 years old, and as the story unravels, one sees how easy it is to sell the next teenage as a commodity for the pleasure of men. For her apparent indiscretions, Salina is arrested and detained at a juvenile detention center where she and other girls do not get the chance to enjoy their childhood but get incarcerated like common criminals.

One issue in the film but not in the text is how easy it is to lure children into prostitution using loopholes in the existing laws. For instance, the state of Nevada is one of the states that has legalized prostitution and that provides the avenue for the pimps to sell children. Also, the text does not tell of how society does so little to protect the children who are the most identifiable victims, and to apprehend the offenders, who should be serving time. Lastly, it says nothing about the danger that girls sold to prostitution face; while they do what the pimps make them do, or when they try to run away from it. 

The video is an eye- opener to the vice that is child prostitution. Essentially, it examines how easy it is to get children into this act that violates their innocence and how the society treats them as criminals instead of looking for ways to help them. The high in the film is seeing Salina, the central character in the story still smiling in spite of the bad things she has been through, showing that there is still hope for the victims. The low point is seeing how adult men are so keen to satisfy their sexual urges and not even finding out the girl they want to have sex with is underage. 

American Call Girl

The film explores the issue of the escort industry. While the activity is illegal, those in the business have found genius ways to go around the law and carry on their business. Sara, who works as an escort, tells how escorts and escort agencies can market their services online without drawing the attention of the authorities by not listing sex among the list of services that they offer. The central character in the story is Sarah, a divorcee who turns to escorting to earn an income for her and her family.

There is an enormous market for escort services and by extension, prostitute A lot of people promote prostitution as a business and make a lot of money out of it. The film shows how different parties from drivers to bartenders and other people who work in casinos and hotels all willingly participate in promoting prostitution, all disguised as entertainment or in other also shows how agencies push women into prostitution hiding behind the law so that they are never caught for prostitution. Also, the film explores the dangers that those working as escorts face when they are going about their work. Further, the film shows a law enforcement officer with the Las Vegas Police Department goes to work every day to catch the individuals who prostitute women (Burke).

The text captures most of the aspects of the film but leaves out some crucial details. First, it remains silent on how escort agencies and pimps exploit girls and women for their financial gain without caring about their safety and well-being.  The film shows enough instances of cases where a girl engages in sexual activity but has to surrender the earnings to a third party who gets the biggest cut. Individuals who work as escorts or prostitutes risk their lives whenever they go about what they do. The text, however, fails to mention this in spite of it being a recurring theme. 

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The documentary profiles several different individuals who work as prostitutes and who give their motivation for working in the industry. While some do it to support their families, others derive pleasure from it, or they just get too caught up after starting, something the text should have mentioned. The text also fails to talk about how individuals in different places such as taxi drivers and staff at casinos promote prostitution. 

American Call Girl is a powerful documentary that explores how the escort business goes on and how the parties involved dodge the law to profit themselves. The film also puts a face to the various cogs on the wheels of commercial sex work from the escorts, the agencies and those who carry out promotional work at different levels. It further shows the dangers that sex workers face and how the law is indifferent to their plight. It is thought- provoking and raises a lot of question on how unscrupulous individuals have found ingenious ways of doing their illegal business without ever getting caught. It’s highly recommended for someone who is keen on social issues and social justice.

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