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In the recent years, long debates in the media have escalated about the new versions of self-driving cars. Organizations such as Baidu as a Chinese Web Services Corporation have declared their intention to enter the market of self-driving cars. A significant number of individuals have realized that the vehicles are the future in the automotive industry. On the other hand, autonomous driving is about relieving the motorists their everyday tasks especially for long distances and congested areas. The driver controls the car using the steering wheel although it has a capability of doing several things in an automatic way. However, the self-driving cars require not the intervention of a driver and are more reliable at slow speeds, tightly controlled environments on the roads and they face tremendous regulatory minefield. The emergence of new forms of technology through self-driving cars might stir both economic and social problems to the drivers.


The main market barrier to the use of Self-driving cars is not the adoption and complexity of new technology but on the level of acceptance to the potential users. The main goal of this project is to enlighten the public about the dangers of self-driving cars.


An expert survey was conducted with the aim of gaining deeper insights of the users and the expectations among the experts to the use of Self-driving cars. In the study about the possible dangers of using self-driving cars, primary information was gathered through interviews having different experts sharing their views about the use of driverless cars (Urmson, 2008). The main aim of the research was to make a prediction in future about the possible negative effects of adopting software controlled vehicles.


The self-driving cars might pose a threat to the lives of humanity and in accordance to several dissenters. Skeptics complain that the artificial intelligence used in the cars might enslave the human race by taking control of new forms of technology. Introducing the use of robot controlled vehicles might escalate the process (Araujo and Spring, 2012). In addition, the driverless vehicles might escalate the rates of the drivers who under the influence of alcohol and make the existing laws absolute. Furthermore, the emergence of new technology through the driverless cars might result in the need to expand the highway to accommodate a large number of self-driving cars.

In future, individuals might adopt the use of self-driving cars that might pose a challenge of having a large number of inexperienced drivers. As a result, they will be unable to take an action as a way to prevent an occurrence of an accident. In addition, viruses might cause car crashes through shutting off the lights or killing the engine of the car. The Google Chauffeur software used to control the driverless cars might get hacked resulting to increased theft of automotive (Guizzo, 2011). In the social aspect, having a robot to control program results in fewer interactions between human beings affecting the social life and forming a tendency of people who ignore each other.

Google Company has brought out the idea of robot controlled cars in a good way although they need to find ways to prevent instances of car hacking for safety reasons. In all human experiences, safety is a crucial aspect of a situation that the software cannot control the car will require the person in the car to take over (Silberg, 2012). This might pose a great challenge as the person might be distracted while the car is still moving. The Google Company requires developing a strategy to prevent such scenarios from occurring and make the program easy for the drivers.

In conclusion, the concept of adopting a car that does not need a driver might appear futuristic to a large number of individuals. The driverless vehicles might pose a threat to the safety of the users as the drivers might become less experienced to prevent an accident from occurring. In addition, bad weather might affect the proper functioning of technological controlled vehicles, thus, being inconvenient. In my opinion, there is no need to turn to the use of self-driving vehicles based on the great challenges associated with them.

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