Postpartum depression

Subject: 🧘🏻 Mental Health
Type: Synthesis Essay
Pages: 2
Word count: 516
Topics: Depression, Social Psychology, ⏳ Social Issues
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This paper aims at reviewing postpartum depression a condition which is a critical problem that has affected most women after they give birth. Thus, the topic is quite relevant since it is a real world issue affecting most mothers. The research focuses on making the audience to fully understand what the condition is, what causes it and why it requires much attention from the medical field. It is important that medical professionals and other associate stakeholders to seek and formulate strategies that can help in the detection, prevention and treatment of postpartum depression. This can assist in the reduction and mitigation of the impacts that are caused by the condition on the mother-baby relationship and the child growth and development.

Postpartum depression is condition that affects mothers after childbirth. Women that have postpartum depression may experience feelings of extreme anxiety, sadness and exhaustion that can make it quite difficult for them to carry out their daily activities (Beck, 1995). The reason why I have chosen this topic is that I recently had a baby five months ago and I have been experiencing some signs and symptoms of postpartum depression. In my opinion, this is an area in the medical field that requires great attention lest it is a condition that can severely affect not only the health of a mother but also  it can interfere with her ability to care for the baby that has been born due to poor connection and upbringing.

Postpartum depression may be attributed to different causes but in most cases it is a combination of emotional and physical factors. According to Armstrong, & Dadds (1998), the condition has nothing to do with what a mother does or does not do. After a mother delivers, the hormonal levels of both progesterone and estrogen drop at fast rate. This translates to chemical changes in the brain that triggers mood swings and other uncommon behaviors. Moreover, most mothers do not have ample time to get enough rest after the recovery from childbirth experience. Lack of enough rest and constant sleep deprivation may result to physical exhaustion and discomfort which can largely contribute to the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression (Armstrong, Fraser, Dadds, , & Morris 2000).

Although postpartum depression condition may be commonly be seen as biological, a number of external factors may also play a significant role. For instance, according to the World Health organization, social-economic deprivation factors low income, unemployment and low education are some of the risk factors that may affect the health of mothers. In addition, recent studies from Latin America indicate that depression is more rampant among the poorest countries in the world. The researches imply that postpartum depression and the socio-economic status have relationship and thus the need of a great concern to address the issue.

Conclusively, postpartum depression is an area that requires much research owing to the circumstances that lead to the condition. Most people are ignorant of the condition as less effort has been made to educate masses on the causes of the depression and the best ways of preventing and treating the condition.

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