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Historical developments of moral and political philosophy

Subject: Politics
Pages: 4
Words: 953
Rating: 4,8

Moral Philosophy is often written as though the history of the subject were only of secondary and incidental importance. Moral concepts can be examined and…

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Amor vincit omnia

Subject: Psychology
Pages: 4
Words: 928
Rating: 4,9

What is love? Like wind, love can be felt but can’t be defined. It is a feeling which has no form. It is power and…

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Art and imitation: aesthetics and the value of the beautiful

Subject: Art
Pages: 5
Words: 1326
Rating: 4,7

Since the beginning of human history, aesthetics have played an prominent role in society and culture. The study of beauty speaks to a universality that…

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Why are the prisoners like us? Allegory of the cave

Subject: Philosophy
Pages: 3
Words: 866
Rating: 4,8

In the ‘Allegory of the Cave’, Socrates clearly refers to human beings and the context of life that has placed individuals as prisoners in different…

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