Personality and Character

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My Self-characterization

Parents always have different ways of describing their children and personality. Through the different stages of development, they are always with their children to witness the growth and development that takes place. If asked who I am, my father would describe me in the following manner. The cumulative experiences, as well as parental guidance, have played a vital role in shaping this person’s personality. This individual is truthful, honest and is defined by personal accountability. These values and personality traits have been developed through training and guidance from childhood to the current level of maturation.

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This character is also optimistic and dependable. He is always hopeful about the future and views things from a positive perspective. While it is not always easy to have an optimistic view about everything, he is unique. For example, even when a situation is characterized by negative tendencies, this individual always remains optimistic that the best will come out of the dire condition. It is this personality trait that sets him apart from the rest. It is also imperative to underscore that this individual is dependable. For example, most of the family members always depend on him for assistance, advice and to take up issues that are otherwise complex. Everyone trusts him to be there to offer assistance and guidance.

Finally, this person is intelligent and very creative. Intelligence cannot only be measured by a person’s performance in school but also how one deal with certain issues in life. This person can always be trusted to come up with logical and coherent ideas that can aid in solving a problem. The creativity of this person is almost unrivaled. Trust him to derive solutions out of a very complex matter or process.

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The Eye of the Beholder

The character and personality of this individual can be stated in different ways. However, there are certain characters that correctly describe this person. First, he is charismatic, intelligent and very energetic. Even when confronted with complex situations, you can trust him to pull through due to his level of intelligence and creativity. Moreover, he is a natural leader and this is manifested through his level of integrity. Having personal accountability is one of the things that define good leaders. This person has high moral values and ethical standards that characterize his personality and that is why he stands out from the rest.

Based on the submissions above, there are similarities and differences in the way people view me and how I view myself. One of the differences is that the significant people in my life such as my father and friends view me as a charismatic leader who is defined by integrity and high moral values. The similarities include being viewed as a dependable, trustworthy and being defined by integrity. The differences give me a different insight into my personality. Specifically, the fact that people close to me view me as a natural leader who has high moral values and ethical standards is vital.

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