Nepean Football Association – brand image

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Organizations come up with strong brands and identities in an attempt to excel in business. Branding goes beyond the design of a memorable logo. Good branding leads to an increase in the value of an organization (Davis, 2010). A brand is a representation of how the people perceive a certain organization. It is true to say that a brand is a combination of a well-designed logo, quality services as well as advertising. When all these three components work well, the brand of any organization remains healthy and strong.

Football associations also require a strong enough brand for them to survive. The Nepean Football Association could be hindered in many ways due to the lack of a strong brand image. For instance, the association competes with other organizations such as the Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association in the search of sponsorships and revenue for its individual teams. For the NFA to succeed, it needs to earn recognition, trust, and confidence from the various potential sponsors in the country (Dahlén, Lange and Smith, 2010). However, not having a strong enough brand may limit the impact of the association in the country’s sports affairs since the community may fail to recognize and respect the NFA. The lack of a brand can also fail to inspire the football players who may be associated with the organization (tomango, 2017). Many players engage in sports with the aim of gaining fame and creating a name for themselves. Therefore, if the NFA lacks a brand, the players will definitely lack the attention of the fans and in most cases, many teams that are being supported by the association will end up as the underdogs in almost every match. When the NFA attains a strong brand, every Australian citizen will acknowledge the association as the best-known football association in western Sidney. For a certainty, when children and adults think about games, they will definitely think about the Nepean Football Association.

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