Model implementation

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Model to introduce the policy change

Obesity has become a menace in today’s society that everyone would like to find a solution to it. Young people are increasingly becoming obese because of the current lifestyle they live. However, a well-organized policy change can ensure that childhood obesity becomes something of the past and children enjoy a good life that is not threatened by risks associated with obesity (HFRP, 2007). For instance, the model to employ in this situation is inclusion of all stakeholders, which in this case are parents, children and teachers. School is the first institution that should be used to fight childhood obesity. It is so because children spend most of their time in school than home. The target group who are children from low income families can be assisted if the is introduced in school to involve all stakeholders.

How to implement the policy

Stakeholders agreeing that physical exercise in school becomes a compulsory to all children irrespective of their social status can be the best ways to implement the policy. The exemption should only be given on a medical ground. Effecting physical exercise and good dieting in school seems to be an effective way of ensuring that children remain active while in school and burn the excess fats that is associated with the obesity (Korenman, Abner, Kaestnerc & Gordon, 2013). Introducing the exercise in school through a policy formulation by all stakeholders is the way to go because it would involve all children and they will be exercising together. Thus, it is an activity that is exclusive in terms of the number of people involved and can also be monitored (CTB, 2017).

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