Michael Jackson Interview

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In the video of Michael Jackson interview, Michael appears as an effective speaker (Sawyer 1). While speaking, Michael knew well that he was addressing Sawyer and the questions being asked and answered are in public domain. Therefore, he understood his audience clearly and had a clear focus. Further, an eloquent language of communication was used, which ensured that any party listening to what Jackson was saying could easily understand the message without much struggle. Moreover, Jackson listened to the questions being asked keenly, which ensured that he did not miss on any points or answered the question incorrectly. His head was always up and he could slow down and pause occasionally when answering the interview questions from Sawyer. It is also worth noting that Jackson appeared in this interview while looking presentable and official. Hence, his physical appearance was aligned to his eloquence in responding to the questions (Sawyer 1). 

Jackson also uses a good body language, which rhymed with his voice that was depicted in the entire interview process (Kotrla 1). He adopted an excellent accent with good breaks on his speech and voice while answering the questions. Thus, the interviewer could get everything, which was being communicated by Jackson in a clear and effective manner without much trouble. The vocal output of the words by Jackson leaves one with a key desire to watch and listen to more of that interview without getting tired. Such resonated well with his personality of good confidence when answering all the questions. 

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