Meyers Briggs Personality Test

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Meyers Briggs personality test is an online test that helps one to know his personality and how he interacts with the world and those around him [3]. The test that I took revealed that I belonged in the ISTJ personality group of people. The ISTJ personality indicates that I am high in introversion, sensing, thinking and judging. I believe that this results might have been an actual representation of my character. However, some of the traits described by the personality test are not an accurate description of myself. So, the following paper is a discussion of the results I received to determine how accurately they represent my personality.

The term introvert refers to people focus more on internal feelings rather than external stimulations. Hence, introverts tend to be quiet and reserved in most cases [2]. I scored 40% on the personality test thus showing that I am quite the introvert. However, I do not wholeheartedly agree with this test result since it is not an accurate description of my personality. First, I am not always quiet, and hence I can make new friends easily. I am only quiet around new people; when I am around my friends or people I am familiar with; I tend to be highly extroverted. For instance, in school, I easily interact with my classmates as well as other students. Due to my extrovert nature, I have made very many friends in school.

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The trait of sensing refers to the preference of using the five senses to perceive information before making a decision [2]. I agree with the test result since I often find myself making decisions based on facts that I observe in reality. An excellent example of when I use sensing is when I have to choose new friends. I observe my friends carefully and select only the ones who seem cooperative enough. Using my five senses helps me make the right decisions when it comes to all aspects of my life.

I also agree with the result that I am a 71% thinking person. Thinking means that an individual uses logic rather than emotions when making a decision [1]. The test result matches my personality since most of the times I find that I have to put my feelings aside so that I do what is right. For example, most times when in school I am distracted by activities such as playing video games and going out with friends. These activities are desirable, but they do not add to academic value. Therefore, I try as much to minimize on video games and the number of times I go out so that I can focus more on my education.

I totally agree with the test result when it comes to the 35% judging. The trait of judging means that one strictly follows plans. Everything that a person with the judging quality does must always go according to plan. Hence such people tend to observe law and order a lot [1]. I believe that the result reflects my personality since I am perfect when it comes to following a schedule. For instance, I always get to class on time and also complete my homework early rather than waiting for the last minute.

In conclusion, the Meyers Briggs personality test is effective since it can capture the character of an individual using four simple traits. However, the test can have minor errors since in my case I was told that I am introverted whereas I believe that I am extroverted. Nonetheless, the creators of the test have given a disclaimer that the test is only for entertainment as well as education and personal growth hence the result should not be taken as an accurate representation of character.

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