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Communication, marital satisfaction and religious orientation in interfaith marriages

Subject: Psychology
Pages: 2
Words: 564
Rating: 4,8

Purpose The purpose of the research was to establish whether people with interfaith marriages have more chances of facing difficulties compared to those who share…

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Power & control assignment family violence

Subject: Law
Pages: 6
Words: 1640
Rating: 4,8

Physical and sexual attacks or the threats to carry them out against potential victims constitute the most obvious forms of violence within a domestic setting….

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What inequalities exist within families and what causes those inequalities?

Subject: Family
Pages: 2
Words: 556
Rating: 4,2

Disintegration of the joint family system has led to smaller or nucleus families.  A family today would mean a married couple with their children and…

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The impact of divorce on children

Subject: Family
Pages: 10
Words: 2632
Rating: 4,6

Introduction and Background Over the past two decades, divorce is an issue that has recently ranked high among American families with children bearing the greatest…

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The legalization of same-sex marriages

Pages: 5
Words: 1303
Rating: 4,9

The past years have observed a significant increase in debates surrounding the legalization of same-sex marriages. In the modern-day America, opinion polls indicate that the…

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