Lorenzo Wood

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The film captures Lorenzo Wood rose’s first psychedelic experience at a dentist’s clinic which ultimately expands his consciousness during the sedation process. The life of Wood rose at that moment is highly involving consumption of alcohol as well as smoking copious amounts of marijuana. “Born to lose” follows Woodrose’s journey in music with his band. Leadership of the band under Lorenzo whose life’s focus is unclear limits the general performance of the band in Denmark’s music industry. This highly affects the potentiality of the group as well as the society at large which expects good music from dedicated groups. The society lightly supports focuses on upcoming artists thus making it hard for the band to attain their full potential.  This factor kills dedication, motivation and general morale of the group therefore Lorenzo opts to work part-time as a bartender to pay his bills.

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Realization of his full potential in music becomes a life changing factor for him. Inspired, Lorenzo follows his dreams passionately hand in hand with his band. The re-kindle makes the Baby Woodrose band hit the music industry in Denmark creating a renewed interest for Lorenzo”s music. Renewed leadership of the band with Lorenzo as their inspired leader makes through the industry winning many concerts and live band shows. The society gained a renewed interest on Lorenzo regardless of his drug habits and appreciating him of producing good educative and supportive music. The power of music transforms the band into a famous group without renouncing their artistic distinctiveness.

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