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Should more gun control laws be enacted

Subject: Law
Pages: 2
Words: 403
Rating: 4,3

Introduction Yes, I support the idea that there should be more stringent measures on gun control. America’s pervasive gun culture has made it possible for…

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Interview analysis

Subject: Media
Pages: 5
Words: 1318
Rating: 4,7

The terror attacks in September 11, 2001 famously the 9/11 prompted the ‘War on Terror’ under George Bush’s administration. Four airlines that were hijacked by…

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More gun control is necessary

Subject: Law
Pages: 6
Words: 1654
Rating: 4,2

The National Crime Victimization Survey of America reported that 2011 alone reported 68% murders from firearms, 41% in robbery offenses while another 21% aggravated assaults…

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