Global Mind – Corporate Philanthropy

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A great cause for our corporate philanthropy. We have received numerous requests for clothing items to assist inner-city residents who are pursuing job opportunities. These individuals do not have the resources to purchase appropriate clothing for a job interview. We have received a lot of requests for clothing donations.

Philanthropic Opportunity

Workplace attire is important for many employers. According to a survey conducted by, “41 percent of employers state that people who dress better or more professionally tend to be promoted more often than others in their organization.” “What to wear to a job interview guide” provided by Work Pac Group stated, “Statistics show that 55% of first impressions are determined by the way you dress and walk through the door in a job interview while 65% of hiring managers say clothes can be the deciding factor between two similar candidates.”

As our slogan states, Global Mind is a high-end fashion company that believes that first impression is key. This cause is relevant because a candidate’s attire plays an important factor in the hiring process.  This would be a great cause for our company to undertake.

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The aim of the corporate philanthropy is to provide clothing to inner city resident kids who are pursuing job opportunities in order to make them representable in the job interviews.  The success of the children in the job interviews will highly depend on the attires they have since smartness in the job interviews can lead to the creation of better opportunities of getting the job. Being a high-end fashion company, the Global mind believes that the first impression of a person is usually important when it comes to hiring of the person. Therefore, that would have been one of the most important acts which the company would have undertaken to create higher levels of success.

Chosen cause and its significance/justification

The chosen cause of the company involves poverty alleviation through providing clothing to the children of inner city when they are going for job interviews.  The chosen case is relevant to the organization since the company is a fashion company and therefore provision of clothing will be in line with the general activities which the company undertakes.  The reason as to why the cause of action is important is because it will be able to promote the needy kids to get jobs by providing them with clothing. That would be an easier way of making them depend on themselves alone without the help of other people when they acquire the job opportunities.  The cause is also relevant because it provides the organization with an opportunity to diversify its services to the other people in the society through the donations made in terms of clothing to the children. That will be important in improving the reputation of the company in the market.

Alternative implementation models w/ pros & cons

In order to implement the philanthropic initiative effectively, there are various approaches which can be used by the company in order to create a higher level of success in the company operations. Matching gift program is one of the programs which can be used in the company in order to create higher levels of donations through the philanthropic activities. Through matching gifts program, the corporate funding is going to be easy for the organization (Ireland, 2018).  This is because the companies with such programs usually match the gifts which are donated to them by their employees to the eligible organizations (Maon, Swaen and Lindgreen, 2017). There is no extra cost which is incurred in the organization by the employees through the use of this approach.  The implementation of this program may be effective for the success of any organization since it will be able to understand the community better and also make the employees to benefit (Cafe, 2018). The advantages of using matching gift program in order to assist the children of the inner-city include having the project exposed to the market activities. It is an effective way of receiving finance in the organization and increases the sales of the company through the donations which were made in the company. The system which is used in the company through the adoption of social entrepreneurship will be confusing and that can affect the success of the company (Zheng, Luo and Maksimov, 2015).

Another approach which can be used for corporate donation is the use of volunteer grants. In this program, the companies usually gift some grants to the various nonprofit making organizations where their employees usually go to do volunteering activities. In order to capitalize on the opportunity which is presented, through the volunteer grants, a person has to ensure that the most active volunteers in the organization know about the various programs which are found in the organization and the programs have to be checked in order to ascertain the eligibility of the people in accessing the volunteer grants.  The various workers in the organization will find it easy to promote community development initiatives and that makes the program to be easy to implement. The disadvantage of this method is that is usually aimed towards a specified company whereby the employees of the company volunteer themselves (Anheier, 2014).

The third strategy which is supposed to be implemented is the crowdfunding campaign which is aimed toward reaching out to the local people in the community (Galaskiewicz, 2016). The use of crowdfunding is effective since the local businesses are allowed to donate to the initiative and they are also allowed to sponsor any events which the company is hosting. The donations will be secured if the various companies can be able to see the campaigns which are carried out and how well supported are the campaigns by the entire community.  With improved levels of engagement in the company activities and through creation of success in the company the vision of the fundraising can be heightened and that can lead to increased success of the company through the donations which ae provided (, 2018). The disadvantage of this method is that the donations which are aimed towards the specific vision may be unachievable because of lack of enough donations to fit a specific targeted population by the crowd.

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3 real-world companies’ philanthropic initiatives

There are three companies which can be used in order to benchmark the activities of the company when providing the donations. One of the companies is a general electric company.  The company is considered to be the top company that donates to the non-profits.  The employees in the company usually offer their donations and they are matched at a ratio of 1:1 and that enhances the success of the company operations (donation, 2018).  The various donations which are made in the company are aimed towards improving the levels of education in the company, improving the global health in the company and increasing the economic growth through improving the skills of the company. The Global mind company has a similar initiative and its initiative is aimed towards improving the employability of the people in order to increase the independence of the employees.

Teradata annual giving campaign is considered to be another real-life organization which has a similar market initiative (Donation, 2018).  The company is involved in encouragement of employees in order to be able to give back to nonprofit organizations of their own choice.  The aim of the organization is directed towards building a string and a vibrant community and that helps in improving the quality of life of the various people.  The organization is aimed towards making a positive difference for the people who are engaged in the company operations in the local communities.

The state street fundraising match program is aimed towards matching gifts programs for the purposes of fundraising.  The organization helps in giving back to the society especially to the people who are less advantaged and the people are offered with necessary skills which they require in order to develop themselves.  The organization focuses on education, college success and employment activities, as well as job readiness and that, is similar to the goals of the current organization.

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Conclusion and Recommended implementation model

The use of matching gifts program would be the most effective recommendation to be used by the company in order to enhance the operations of the company effectively.  This is because matching gift program is one of the programs which can be used in the company in order to create higher levels of donations through the philanthropic activities. Through matching gifts program, the corporate funding is going to be easy for the organization (Petrenko et al., 2016). This is because the companies with such programs usually match the gifts which are donated to them by their employees to the eligible organizations. There is no extra cost which is incurred in the organization through the use of this approach and therefore it is highly recommended to be used in the collection of cloths which will be donated to the children.  The implementation of this program may be effective for the success of any organization because it will empower the organization to the people and the people will know the operations of the company and what it deals with.

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