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Ethnocentrism: value difference

Subject: Culture
Pages: 2
Words: 560
Rating: 4,8

Ethnocentrism is defined as the practice of holding of one’s judgment of another culture based on one’s standards which are based on one’s culture. In…

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Hegemonic masculinity in technology

Subject: Art
Pages: 7
Words: 1816
Rating: 4,8

The debate on gender and technology has been long, and it seems not to be ending soon. The field of technology has mainly been depicted…

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A child dealing with transgender issues

Pages: 4
Words: 908
Rating: 5,0

Introduction For a long time, the society has been confined to believe that the desire for transitioning from one gender to another can only be…

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“No Telephone to Heaven” And “Notebook of a Return to…

Subject: Literature
Pages: 3
Words: 893
Rating: 4,5

A masterpiece created by Jamaican-American writer Michelle Cliff, published in 1996 reflects the encapsulation as to how Michelle Cliff conceptualizes her identity across gender, history,…

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Ideologies of race, class and gender in the film Pulp…

Subject: Art
Pages: 8
Words: 2168
Rating: 4,6

Introduction The ideologies of race, class, as well as gender, are some of the issues that this analysis seeks to examine in regards to the…

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Women and relationships: oppression in society and role

Pages: 3
Words: 800
Rating: 4,8

Equality is one sensitive issue that spurns across all aspects of the living society. Such is to say that there is a kind of inequality…

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Women in the military

Subject: Politics
Pages: 6
Words: 1670
Rating: 4,8

The role of women in military has changed significantly over the past century. Traditional military setups were opposed to the inclusion of women in their…

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What inequalities exist within families and what causes those inequalities?

Subject: Family
Pages: 2
Words: 556
Rating: 4,2

Disintegration of the joint family system has led to smaller or nucleus families.  A family today would mean a married couple with their children and…

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The legalization of same-sex marriages

Pages: 5
Words: 1303
Rating: 4,9

The past years have observed a significant increase in debates surrounding the legalization of same-sex marriages. In the modern-day America, opinion polls indicate that the…

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