Forgery and Bribery as a violation of trust

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In October 2017, four men were acquitted of forgery in Dubai (Za’za’, 2017). The four included two employees from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, a manager and, a subordinate worker. The four were accused of forging about 20,900 electronic labor transactions (Za’za’, 2017). They also took a bribe of Dh4.2 million, before law enforcers realized their dealings. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is a governmental department that aims at making sure there are quality and trust of its users. It is unfortunate that a forgery claim was reported of the office, damaging its reputation.

The analysis of the situation is based on forgery and bribery being a violation of trust. In every business settings, trust is an important virtue (Frankel, 2017). A manager is expected to show that they are trustworthy when overseeing other employees. It is shocking that a manager was mentioned in the lawsuit, further raising eyebrows on how morality is a barrier to abuse of trust owning to the bribery taken.

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As the leader of the department, the first thing to do is to ask the accused persons to step down from their job. The purpose for this is to allow the investigation to take place. The next thing is to file for an order to freeze the accused people accounts since money was involved. An evaluation to determine if there is any change in their lifestyle will help offer details that would be used to determine whether they are guilty or not (Mohammed, n.d.).

The situation is preventable by allowing regular organizational audits and employee’s lifestyle audits. It is shocking that Dh4.2 million can be lost without the authority detecting it immediately. Those involved must have realized there was a gap in the accounting side, therefore, exploiting it.

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