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How has electronic media (the internet especially and self-produced DVD’s) reversed some of this dominant cultural hegemony generated by Hollywood movies by democratizing access to global audiences?

The effect that electronic media has had in reducing the hegemonic powers and influence of Hollywood stems from the relationship which is apparently evident between digital technology and how it inspire creative imagination (Emmerson, 2016). Through the development or creation of network society, overreliance on Hollywood produced contents is currently fading with individuals whose contents do not have the appeal to feature in the Hollywood’s cinematography platform finding the chance to explore and exhaust their talents. In essence, it has led to the democratization of accessing the global audience, mainly targeting the online crowd easily, selling their contents to various platforms like YouTube, video streaming services, among others thereby addressing or moderating the role or Hollywood and its dominance of the global market or audience. From this, the electronic media has presented the very ways through which individuals are currently realigning themselves, engage in self-empowerment. As Vaidhyanathan (2005) recommends, it has undermined the traditional cultural and social controls. Accordingly, electronic media through digital communication is serving the liberating ends and from this has expressly addressed the implications of the oligarchy that was once presented by Hollywood, and as such, individuals have now gotten the platforms for self-expression.

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What are some of your favorite illustrative examples of other-than-mainstream groups or individuals who have found their voices and audiences on the internet?

The movie world is defined and controlled by the writing since most of the contents come from the written stories from which individual movies and stories are constructed. Hence, few of the illustrative examples concern the writers who have currently found their voices by engaging more with the Internet to present and provide their contents through the electronic media. In the history of digital media independent writers are currently cited as the example of individuals who used the digital media to build his profile, and as such, presenting the content through iPod. Other illustrative producers are the people who are currently working from independent studios, and from this, they have gained a larger online audience by using the digital media to communicate with their fans and as such, selling their merchandise at harmonized prizes. Currently, there are the TED talks whereby people are presenting their arguments and perceptions about real life events and topics now confronting the society. On the other hand, stand-up comedians are equally an example of independent movie actors who have similarly become commonly known to use the electronic media in distributing their contents.

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A currently popular one is the person to person investment web-site to help eradicate global poverty – http://www.kiva.org/ . What is your opinion about efforts like this by NGO’s [Non-Government Organizations]? Do you think this one will make any difference?

For the non-governmental organizations, it is quite impressive when efforts have been directed towards ensuring that social issues are addressed. Currently, poverty is a serious problem that requires a collaborative approach from all people in the world. In this case, a website reaches a wide-range of individuals from which frameworks and incentives are developed towards addressing the menace. Therefore, for this type of effort, it is a likely and practical approach towards addressing major issues in the society. Of course, major differences will be made through the website. For one, it recommends and encourages people to get loans for improving their businesses as well as other investment. Equally important is that the site makes a significant encouragement to people as to how they can donate to make a change. The website shows how social networking is improving lives of people by helping in engaging, collaborative efforts towards addressing the social causes.

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