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Domestic violence is the a series of behaviors which involve intimidation, battery, physical assault , sexual assault, and any other behavior that might be considered to be abusive becoming part of a systematic pattern used to demonstrate power and control in an intimate relationship. The severity and frequency of domestic violence cases have been seen to vary from country to country. Some countries have more domestic violence cases due to social, cultural, political, or economic factor. This paper discusses the domestic violence problems in the US and compares them to the domestic violence problems in Russia, Canada, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

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One of the common problems that is associated with domestic violence in the US is the violence against pregnant which has led to various complications and even death in some cases. Among the effects of domestic violence, cases involving pregnant women in the US are miscarriage, stillbirth, late prenatal care, preterm birth, low birth weight, and fetal injury. Some of the results of such abuse might lead to suicide attempts, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, all that can further complicate the life of a pregnant woman and the unborn child. According to a report by the UN, the US is one of the countries with the highest rate of domestic violence cases that involve pregnant women (Krizsán & Paantjens, 2016). Of all the countries, the US has the highest number of deaths of pregnant women resulting from gender violence.

In Russia domestic violence has just been recently confirmed as a crime. However, pregnant women remain very vulnerable given the fact that they have the burden of proving that they have been abused given the fact that it is hard for them to prove that they have been abused if actually there is no physical proof of the same. Domestic violence against pregnant women is less prevalent in Canada (Brownridge, Taillieu, Tyler, Tiwari, Chan & Santos, 2011). The country has the lowest number of pregnancy deaths that result from domestic violence.  The same cannot be said about

Nigeria has recorded a high number of gender violence involving pregnant women. However, Nigeria has a relatively low number of deaths of pregnant women resulting from domestic violence. Studies believe that the statistics on the number of reported domestic violence involving pregnant women in Pakistan can be rather misleading because of the fact that more than half of domestic violence cases in the country go unreported because of the culture and belief regarding the role of the woman in the society.

Another domestic violence problem in the US is child depression. In the US, at least 15% of the children witness domestic violence every years. This has been said to lead to problems such as poor problem solving skills and tolerance to violence. However, the same can be said about Canada, Nigeria and Russia as their cultures are less encouraging of violence, especially when it comes to gender based violence. However, the story is different in Pakistan. Almost 40% of the children in the country witness gender violence every year (Pahl, 2016).  Violence is more tolerable in the Pakistani environment such that there might not be much influence on the children who experience domestic violence. However, this is a trend that tints the perception of the male children towards women as they grow up. This is a factor that leads to a chain of domestic violence.

Drug and substance abuse is also another problem that is associated with domestic violence in the US, according to statistics, more than 30% of the women who are exposed to domestic violence end up abusing drugs and substance as a way through which they can be able to cope with such an environment. The same trend was observed in Canada, as more than 24% of the domestic violence victims were observed to be drug abusers. Russia also has a high number of domestic violence victims being drug abusers. In Russia more than 35% of domestic violence victims were drug abusers. However, a different trend was observed in Pakistan and Nigeria. A very low percentage of the domestic violence victims in the two countries were observed to be drugs and substance abusers. This different might be as a result of the cultural perception of the two countries towards domestic violence and drug and substance abuse among women.

As seen herein, the problems associated with domestic violence are in various ways different from the problems experienced in Canada, Russia, Nigeria, and Pakistan. A look at the differences reveals that the cultural factors play a very important role in the manner in which societies perceive domestic violence and the manner in which they react to them. Of the four countries the problems faced by Canada are the closest to the problems that are faced by the US because of the fact that their cultures are similar in numerous ways. However, it should be noted that Pakistani problems relating to domestic violence are the least similar to those of the US. This can be attributed to the cultural difference between the two countries.

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