Difference between science and faith

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Scientists are annoyed when it is mentioned that there is no difference between science and faith. For instance, Ben Carson argued that Darwin was propelled and encouraged by the devil. When the statements were confronted, he defended himself saying, “I’m not going to denigrate you because of your faith, and you shouldn’t denigrate me for mine (Goddard, 2012).” However, theorists such as Stanley Fish have mentioned that science goes hand in hand with faith before reasons are presented. Further, he argued that those that do not appreciate evolution fit in to a very diverse faith society. Commonly, the scientists disapprove the statement as they belief that science and religion a linked with some epistemological conditions. Truly, scientists have faith on certain things and on the other hand, religion stories based on mankind do not require scientific explanations and theories (Goddard, 2012). Science has proven strong practices by means of observation in experiments as well as advancement of falsifiable theories. Such include examples of discovery of the function of germs in causing certain illness and psychological life of a human being. On the other hand, faith in religion does not provide such record that could disclose concealed exactness (Juhant, 2011).

Science and faith are supposed to be linked so that they both improve one another. When appropriately used, science should validate religion in the awesomeness of a supreme being. It is without doubt that faith makes way for science for noble basis. Faith and science tries to explain the aspect of environmental aspect and specifically that deal with complicated ones like climate changes and global warming regarded as .problematical. Based on the understanding of science as well as religion, people should tirelessly work to ensure that the challenges of Earth Systems Engineering Management (ESEM) are appropriately dealt with.

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