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AI and labor market

Subject: Technology
Pages: 3
Words: 841
Rating: 4,8

Modern information technologies and the initiation of machines powered by an Artificial intelligence has already started to transform the labor market in the modern age….

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Global, social and ethical analysis on cyber bullying

Subject: Sociology
Pages: 7
Words: 1912
Rating: 4,9

Abstract The present discussion is centered on cyber bullying. It occurs when an individual is harassed, threatened, embarrassed, or harmed by another person through the…

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Embedded systems

Subject: Technology
Pages: 2
Words: 587
Rating: 4,6

Embedded systems engineering is a field of computing that specializes in the development of embedded system within electrical and mechanical installations. The discipline is fundamental…

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Technology application and student/learners experience

Subject: Education
Pages: 4
Words: 1044
Rating: 4,9

Determination of data to be collected Qualitative data and quantitative data In order to investigate the use of the Webinar Technology in education and critically…

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