Challenges in the Criminal Justice System

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The criminal justice system’s debauched image will hamper the effectiveness of law administration in future. In 2017, the FBI analyzed 50 cases involving the shooting and killing of policer officers (Goodlatte, 2017). It was revealed that circa 28% of the attackers were inspired by the detestation for police (Goodlatte, 2017). According to Tengpongsthorn (2017), this is a matter of great concern as it implies that the public hate the police to the extent that given an opportunity, they will murder them. This is discouraging since the safety of the community should be a collective responsibility of the police and members of the public. Since the police-civilians relationship is presently stained, it may be difficult for community policing to succeed (Streed, 2017).

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Dear student 2,

Funding is certainly a major challenge that the criminal justice administrators will have to confront in future. With increasing prison capacity and personnel requirements, the administrators need more funds to effectively run the system (Partington, 2017). However, the state governments are continuously cutting their allocation to criminal justice and diverting the funds to other development projects. Grant programs such as the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) which initially worked to address local gaps in funding are also becoming less efficient as their financial muscles are constricting (United States, 2007). This is further aggravated by the tough economic conditions being experienced in many countries (LaFree & Freilich, 2017). The increased threat environment and the heightened need for security may push criminal justice administrators to the wall making it difficult for them to procure and maintain the required lifesaving equipment.

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