Career Exploration and Personality Profiles

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In my chosen career path, there are several career options that I have gained interest in. These career options include the field of ophthalmic, forensics, and surgical photography. Each of these career options is varied in terms of the work culture, locales, salary, their nature of upward mobility, and the personality traits that go with each one of them.

The first field is in the department of ophthalmology. The field involves the care of the eye or vision (Hjortdal & Ivarsen, 2014). Medical doctors who specialize in the field are known as ophthalmologists. A technician in Ophthalmology department expects an average annual salary of $43000. The work location is within hospitals’ ophthalmology departments. The job has a potential for upward mobility since the professions in the department are hierarchically ranked. The technicians are tasked with carrying out eye tests and report their results to be used by the surgeons and other doctors. The ESFJ personality traits go a long with this career option. For instance, it requires using their feelings to analyze the patient subjectively. It also requires one be able to make judgment calls as pertains the results collected from the tests. One more thing about this career it involves and interacting and making connections with other people. I like helping people and in ophthalmology, dealing with eye cases can help me help others with my skills.

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The second career field is forensics. That field involves the use of scientific methodology and techniques in solving crime mysteries. A forensic scientist usually works in criminology and security departments such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The work culture within this career option is scientific. According to studies, the average annual salary of forensic scientists in the United States is $55000 (Peterson & Hickman, 2015). The field also avails an opportunity for upward career mobility in that one can start as a crime scene photographer, rise to become a crime lab technician and later on become a crime lab analyst. This career is very interesting because it involves looking for different clues putting them together to come up with a final solution. It is like a puzzle but only in real life. The career requires a lot of patients because sometimes clues are not easily linked but with the modern technology, work still goes on.

According to my ESFJ personality trait, the field is compatible with my personality traits. For instance, with extraversion, the field requires that one be able to draw their attention to the outer world while analyzing the crime scene. The outward focus enables one to establish the patterns, which could be used to establish the masterminds of a crime. The field also requires the professions be able to employ all senses such as the sight, touch, and smell to increase the ability to bust crime. I have mastered most of these techniques but not in an advanced level. I am able to use all my senses to find clues. Furthermore, solving one case helps many people because they are able to find justice.

Finally, there is the field of surgical photography. Surgical photography involves the art of photographing an ongoing surgical operation. Along with surgeons, the surgical photographers work inside surgical theaters alongside other professionals.  The average wage for these professionals is $16 per hour or an annual medium of $43000 (Wang et al., 2014). This type of job is usually contractual based or freelance based. The opportunity for upward mobility presents itself in the form of experience which will attract the professionals to more lucrative contracts with hospitals.

According to my ESFJ personality traits, I have a good chance of excelling in this field. The work involves working within a surgical theatre, which is a very delicate environment. For instance, the compromise of the lighting should be carefully met putting into consideration the safe lighting for the surgeons’ work. This requires the photographer perfectively use their judgment to arrive at the best options.

Overall, the career options listed are appropriate based on the career practices learned thus far. The options are also congruent with my profile as arrived at through the Myers Briggs Traits Indicators. The job practice thus far has given me great insight in choosing the best career option.

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