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Marketing plan for Cronzy pen

Pages: 16
Words: 4085
Rating: 4,9

1. Executive Summary The study aims to develop a marketing plan for Cronzy pen, which is a smart color pen with unique features. The marketing…

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China automobile entry in India and Egypt

Pages: 4
Words: 1075
Rating: 4,8

Introduction Trade between countries and the emergence of foreign investment has been increasing rapidly promising excellent economic relations amongst modern and fast-growing countries. In the…

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2006-2016 Panama Canal expansion project: itโ€™s implications and its influence…

Pages: 15
Words: 3896
Rating: 4,8

Introduction Summary of the Aim of the Project The project aimed at identifying the implications and analysing the influences of 2006-2016 Panama Canal expansion projects…

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Uber: leading the sharing economy

Pages: 5
Words: 1404
Rating: 5,0

Executive Summary Sharing economy is a term that is used to describe a business transaction that is carried out via an online platform. This is…

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Social media and business intelligence

Pages: 1
Words: 264
Rating: 4,0

Social media is the new buzz word when it comes to modern day businesses, networking, marketing, and e- commerce based activities. Social media is a…

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Google human resource structure

Pages: 5
Words: 1378
Rating: 4,6

Organization and the unique characteristics of the work environment The success that Google has achieved in its operations is linked to the effectiveness in the…

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Martha Stewart Case Reflection

Pages: 1
Words: 281
Rating: 4,1

Question 1 The public figure of $45,673 damaged the image of Martha Stewart because she had committed a security fraud by selling her shares before…

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Ethical and Legal Issues Surrounding Solyndra Company

Pages: 9
Words: 2470
Rating: 4,8

Solyndra was a solar manufacturing company based in Fremont California. It manufactured cylindrical solar panels which were made of copper, indium and gallium selenide thin-film…

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