Behavior preferences and leadership

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According to Plonein (2015) learning and using personality preferences in different roles such as those of managers, administrators and nurse leaders is overly valuable. This is because, knowledge regarding the different types of personalities not only provides such a leader with the opportunity to enhance communication but also helps him or her to improve on the tea dynamics. For instance, a nurse who is primarily introverted as the dominant function, may require additional proactive communications for the purposes of ensuring that they come across as approachable figures and open or willing to engage in dialogue (Plonien, 2015). Conversely, such a nurse leader can utilize the knowledge of personality types of his or her team members in order to dispense his or her communication strategy in different situations and in a manner that earns understanding from those of the team that prefer facts and those that prefer the consideration of possibilities (Plonien, 2015). Similarly, paying attention to personality preferences in an aspect such as communication can provide priceless assistance in handling interpersonal conflicts that arise among team members, direct reports or even colleagues. Through knowledge and understanding of the basics of personality preferences, a nurse leader or any other individual on a leadership position can enhance relationships and promote creativity while helping personnel understand each other thereby creating an accepting and supporting atmosphere (Plonien, 2015).

The personality type indicated from the human metrics typology test is ENFJ (Extravert(47%)  iNtuitive(16%)  Feeling(38%)  Judging(28%)) with moderate preference of Extraversion over introversion, slight preference of Intuition over Sensing, moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking and moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator’s sorting of psychological differences, an ENFJ personality features a span of interests, possibilities, consideration of others and organization of details (Michael, 2003). ENFJs are, essentially the benevolent educators of the human race. They identify with tremendous charisma and people and more naturally drawn to their naturant tutelage. Individuals with this type of personality further identify with tremendous power to manipulate other people with their phenomenal interpersonal skills and their unique salesman traits. I agree with the outcome of the personality test and I agree that I am an ENFJ (Michael, 2003). This is because I identify with many of the identifying traits that the personality type presents. However, factoring in manipulation, it is not entirely to the disadvantage of others but aligns to the belief that ENFJs believe in their dreams and like to see themselves as enablers and helpers, which I note to be true. In addition, like the typical ENFJ, I am a global learner and I see the bigger picture besides my focus being expansive.

The value of an ENFJ to any leadership position cannot be over emphasized. Individuals with this personality preference make exceptionally good leaders. This is due to a number of elements factored in their personality. These elements include association with organization and decisiveness, organization and decisiveness, acknowledge and appreciate people. With these elements in place, such an individual can manage details and are best suited in occupations that require interpersonal skills for the purposes of establishing or maintaining effective work processes (Michael, 2003).

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