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How relevant is the IEEE citation style to podcasts?

Podcasting is the process of creating and regularly distributing a series of the podcast over the web. Podcasts can typically include videos, audios, ePub files and PDFs along with other forms of multimedia contents. In the age of podcasting, the users have to subscribe to the podcasts so that they can download the podcasts using web syndication and/or stream the podcast online over any computing devices such as computer or mobile phones following which they can listen to, view as well as transfer the series for episodes of the podcasts in supported media players. How to make these contents attractive for every user? We can help you do that with 100% accuracy guaranteed at minimal cost.  In any form for writing and/or multimedia content distribution, it is crucial to gather theories, facts and ideas related to the topic and also it is equally important to support the statements, facts, and arguments presented in the writing and/or media content with suitable statistics and evidence.

Is is equally true for podcasts. Referencing used for all types of writing including podcasts are required for providing evidence of the materials and sources which have been referred to and used in the podcast distributed over the internet. The IEEE citation style used in the podcasts is also aimed at providing suitable evidence, backing, and references for the arguments presented in the Podcasts. In case of Podcasts, the IEEE citation style allows the audiences to refer to the original source for any content included in the podcast. Just like any other form of citation, for an IEEE citation style is aimed at supplying the reader or audience of a podcast to easily access any information regarding the sources and materials used and cited in the podcast. In the modern world, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play an integral role in academic learning, teaching, and research.

The multimedia contents used for teaching are commonly used in the electronic learning systems followed in universities and learning centers across the globe. The faculty and lecturers often make audio and/or video recordings of their lectures which the students can access in the form of podcasts via RSS feeds. In such cases, the proper citation of the podcasts remains important to ensure authenticity, originality, and validity of the teaching materials. Following the IEEE citation style for podcasts enables the learning centers and universities as well as the individual faculties to ensure that required level of compliance to academic content formatting and distribution is done. The importance of IEEE citation for podcast also remains in adhering to the basic guideline of content creation and distribution which is to give appropriate credit to the authors whose original materials have been sued in the podcasts in any form.

What is the correct form of IEEE citation for podcasts?

Our company provides the following template which the users and distributors of Podcasts can refer to while citing the podcasts using the IEEE citation format (with URL). The following template given for the IEEE citation for podcasts (with URL) can be used for citing podcasts and other online multimedia contents.


Blue text denotes the information which will be needed to trace back to the source while the black text denotes the text which is required in the IEEE style podcast (with URL).

Reference list: This part of an IEEE style blog needs to be placed at the end of the blog.


[1]Author Initial.  Author Surname, ‘Title’, Publication Title, Year Published. [Online]. Available: http://Website URL. [Accessed: 7- Feb- 2018]


[1] Corporate Author, ‘Title of the episode’, Name of the podcast, 2014. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 7- Feb- 2018].

In-text citation: This part needs to be placed immediately after the reference or quote as made to the source in the podcast.

As per the IEEE citation of the podcast, when citing podcast, it is mandatory to include the URL as a necessary element of the referencing ad citation. Also, in case the podcast or video is a digital version of any previously published source and includes information from the original source then whether the information regarding the original digitized content is to be listed in the citation would be the discretion of the author.

What are the main challenges associated with citing of a podcast IEEE?

In the modern world, the distribution, as well as the consumption of podcasts in various forms, are high. In order to effectively write and distribute podcast, it is important to use proper citations. In each case, when outside materials, resources, and contents are used in a podcast, them there us both some importance and purpose of using distinct referencing and citation formats such as the IEEE formatting style. In order to properly cite the podcasts, one has to first understand the basic of citation and also assimilate the exact principles and rules to be followed under one particular citation style. For example, when the IEEE formatting style for podcasts is followed, the podcast creator needs to ensure that all the rules of in texting, referencing and URL adding are properly followed in the podcast.

Verified and valid citations need to be done for contents which are included in the body of any podcast so that the contents which have been taken from outside sources can be easily identified and traced back to their original sources. This also supports the validation and provides evidential backup to the contents of the podcast. Both referencing and bibliography as well as in text citations are crucial in the IEEE style podcast format.

Citing any form for visual content or source can be difficult under the IEEE referencing and formatting style because there is no specific detailed information provided in the formal IEEE literature regarding the citation, formatting and referencing of  multimedia contents such as films, web audios, videos, and images etc. which are distributed or digitally streamed over the web. Citing a podcast with the use of the IEEE citation format (with URL) remains one of the most challenging jobs for writers or content editors.