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There are many types of the personal communication process, this include interviews, e-mails, letters, telephonic conversations and video calling. As per IEEE format, you need to cite published works, unpublished materials, upcoming published works that are available to the scholar’s library or an archive. In case of interview citation or other “non-recoverable” information is not a necessary job. The way of writing doe not really mean that there is no need to identify the author’s name; rather it will be executed only when you write the text. If you follow the IEEE standards style manual then you do not have to use any citation for any interview or non-recoverable information. Generally, you will have the desire to know about non- recoverable communication or personal communication, and then it is basically telephonic interviews, web interviews, letters, e-mails, etc. According to the IEEE, this type of correspondence identification is needed for the text of the document. In this format you cannot use professional titles, such as “Dr.” or “PhD”, also there are some others like U.S. Surgeon General, but you can definitely include “Jr” or “III” after you write the surname. For a student, it is not obvious to know that referencing does not really mean to avoid plagiarism rather it is a way to introduce the author from whom you have taken the idea to write your paper. Referencing is necessary for some teachers who are picky about it and they go through it in details and find out mistakes if any. So while writing your paper it is necessary to write your paper not only in an accurate manner but also in a correct way. Through this, you can grasp the attention of your teacher and shall be able to score good marks. It is a process by which you can polish your edges of writing. Now let us discuss about why it is important to cite the reference in a paper.

  • It will categorize your paper as an academic paper
  • It will help you and other readers to track the source from where you have written
  • It is definitely a way to give credit to the author from whom you have taken the idea to write
  • It showcases your thinking and understanding of the paper you have written
  • It is the most convincing manner of writing
  • It guides you to avoid theft and plagiarism

You can easily understand now why referencing is important in a research paper or any academic paper. This is not just about avoiding plagiarism but also to have many other qualities that will justify your writing. But there is no such reason to love referencing style. No worry we are always there to help you. Our organisation can help you to get your papers in just a little cost. Why thinking so much? Just click on our “register” option and get the free registration done.

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Apart from citation there are other lists of academic service that we provide to our customer. We have worked with many universities, teachers and students regarding the academic services. It is not an easy task to convince a teacher without knowing the systematic way of writing. If you really go through it in an accurate manner then you will need maximum time to write the paper and submit it to the teacher. So, why take so much of a headache when we are here to help you and get your work done within your deadline. We are having a team of 25 members and all are truly skilled, educated and knowledgeable from every domain to easily help you to attain good marks in your research paper. If you go through the systematic way of writing then you need to research the whole content, you have to know how a professional write those papers and then come to referencing which is a tough task and for any individual who is not well trained about the writing of essays or reports according to authentic format such as MLA, APA, ICEEE, Harvard, etc. Apart from this, you need to include the source from where you have written and this is a hectic job because without having proper knowledge about the source style you can never put this in your paper. We are professional writers and we provide authentic papers written by following the authorised format. Our clients are also educated as we deal with professors and students and they are really satisfied with our work. Come join our team for learning the systematic writing.

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