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How to access our Bluebook Dissertation/Thesis online citation generator

Dissertations are usually research papers written as final year reports; they are also called theses. Dissertations re submitted to institutions of learning to show successful mastery of content from a particular course and completing the requirements necessary for that particular course. A thesis varies from other written assignments you might have written over the years, it consists of an in-depth research into a particular area of study and usually used as a very reputable source of information for other writers.

Sourcing information from a dissertation is a common practice among writers of all ages. Dissertations offer up a rich information source to its readers, with its well-researched content and supporting facts. However it is prudent to have a means to acknowledge the writer of the dissertation for the role his or her work has helped you achieve yours. At our company we pride ourselves with having the solution to your predicament, we can help you properly acknowledge the authors and creators of the various sources of information you have used.

We provide a wide range of formatting styles each of which is up to date with current standards. Such formatting styles include the use of; MLA, Harvard, Bluebook, Chicago and APA. All the above are different ways you can cite your paper with all the information you have sources in the form of citations and references. In this case we shall dive deep into the particulars of the bluebook formatting style. This style was developed for us mainly by law students in their practice.

Content creation and research may come easy to most writers. However, when it comes to formatting your paper according to a particular writing style, such as the bluebook citation and referencing style, you are unable due to the many variations in its representation across different information sources. The bluebook formatting style shows information about the dissertation and its writer as shown below;

  • first and last names
  • the title of the dissertation
  • the year the dissertation was published
  • which company published the dissertation
  • Link to the dissertation (if you read it online) and he date you accessed it.

The bluebook formatting style is one of the lesser known citation and referencing styles, however it is a go to favorite for the legal systems. The bluebook format is used to offer viable information of the sources you have used in your legal documents or build up to a case file. We are up to date with even such an uncommon style of writing and always keep up with revisions to the bluebook style of writing, such as modifications to its appearance, corrections to the style and other aspects that have changed over the years.

As the main focus of the bluebook style of writing is to offer a simple solution to the citing and referencing of cases. Also, the bluebook style of writing provides for a better understanding of the proceedings and often grounds every document with facts from supporting cases. Therefore it is a good habit to get into when starting any paper, also write down a separate list of all the sources you have used within your document as it will help you when placing your generated inline citations and reference lists.

As we have come to see, formatting poses a great problem to most students and educators alike. Especially citing and referencing using a format that is now well known such as the bluebook formatting style.  We have come up with a viable and affordable solution to alleviate all your woes by formatting your papers and correctly citing and referencing all the information you used.

While you strive to make your paper factual and academically viable; citations and references are a necessity and your paper will be deemed of low quality if they are lacking. As a matter of fact, some institutions will deny your submission without even reading your content, no matter how good it is. Therefore to be on the safe side, just visit our website, you are presented with a quick overview of the entire process that takes roughly 5 to 40 minutes to complete; depending on the number of sources you used.

Plagiarism is the use of another person’s works, ideas images or intellectual property without properly citing or referencing it. This a serious offence in almost all institutions worldwide and does not differentiate whether the copied information was intentional or not. In extreme cases plagiarism could attract legal action. Therefore it is high time you sought out our online bluebook citation and referencing machine and save yourself from plagiarism.

Failing to cite a dissertation source or any source for that matter, in your paper you are at risk of not passing or worse, being penalized for plagiarism and academic misconduct. Also as an added advantage you can also learn from our generators and the templates made available on our website. These templates are useful for writers who only require the format of the citation and reference list. However, if for some reason you do not have all the information about your sources, we also offer editing proofreading and paraphrasing as additional services to eliminate all possibilities of plagiarism.

After all has been said, the ball rests in your court; make the choice to always have your papers cited and referenced to current bluebook standards by our online company and never have to regret. You will always get the best service rom us and also full time support for any queries or requests you may have about the services we offer. You can se for yourself what our services entail and also see the overwhelming customer reviews available on our home page. We are here to help you cite and reference correctly with the bluebook citation and reference generator let us help you achieve your goal.