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Your teacher has asked you to write a research paper on death penalty. Suddenly, you realize that the world is not as modern as you have always thought. The death penalty is still a thing even in this century, and you have no idea where to begin. Relax. We are here to show you the ropes and guide you in writing the best research paper possible. We aren’t giving a guarantee that you will score an A that is ultimately up to you. But if you follow the guidelines here, you should definitely leave an impression on your audience.

Choosing a Research Topic

First things first, formulate a thesis statement. This becomes your topic of focus and basically, your research paper is aimed at trying to answer this question with compelling evidence. This is very important because it helps to sharpen your research and keep it focused on that specific area. There are a myriad of topics under the death penalty that you can choose from. Some examples are;

  • The law on death penalty-You can compare the law in two different states e.g. Florida vs. Delaware
  • Psychological effects of the death penalty on relatives of the victims
  • Death penalty is an infringement on the right to life
  • Does revenge serve justice- taking a life for a life
  • Is the death penalty biased against the minority groups?
  • The death penalty: ethics vs the law

It’s important to choose a topic that you know you can sufficiently make a case for and the resources required for the research would be easily accessible. You can do a preliminary research in the library to make sure the research materials are available.

Doing Research

Once you have chosen a topic and ensured you have the necessary research material, you can start digging for the specific information that supports your thesis statement.  Even though in-depth and thorough research is important, you don’t have to burry yourself in books and encyclopedias.

In most cases you will have a limited amount of time to work with, you cannot possibly read all the books in the library. Save yourself some time by narrowing down the material you need by choosing reliable and up to date sources. This is particularly important because the law on death penalty has changed in many states and countries over the years. Avoid obsolete sources.

Gathering Your Sources

After identifying the sources you’ll be citing in your research paper, put them together so that you can start the actual writing. Draft the first copy of your paper so you can identify any gaps in the research. Give an insightful introduction and a background of the research that give the reader a sense of what the paper is all about and remember to define the key words such as what a death penalty is. Do any additional research required to fill in the gaps that you identify.

Writing and Editing The Final Draft

When writing the final draft, all you have to do is build up on the gaps you identified while putting together your sources and writing a draft. To make a compelling argument;

  • Support all your statements with citations from your sources. Remember to correctly cite depending on the writing style that you are using. The most common is APA but it varies depending on which country you’re in. while it’s important to have these quotes, they shouldn’t comprise of more than 10-15% of the entire text.
  • Do not get personal. Remember to keep your cool and not be too assertive. The purpose of the research paper is not to impose your personal views on the reader.
  • Be original and interesting. Your article should be captivating to the reader.

Once you are done, take some time to read through your paper. Ensure the information is well articulated and has a nice flow. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back.

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