The Secret to Writing a Great Descriptive Essay

The Secret to Writing a Great Descriptive EssayDescriptive essays focus on using words to create a visual image, push you into imagining a scenario without actually seeing it. They let you can visualize emotions, procedures, arguments and even items in absence. Writing a good descriptive essay needs a great command of the language and impeccable narration skills that will keep the reader captivated and immersed throughout. Descriptive essay examples convey detailed observations and descriptions of a person, place, memory, experience or object. As you set out to write a descriptive essay, it is important to identify exactly what you want to describe. Your language in the descriptive essay should be imbued with a particular emotion that creates a vivid experience for your reader and it should set the mood in the reader’s mind.

Steps to writing descriptive essay examples

Choose a topic

You should choose a topic that sparks your creativity and this will come in handy as you paint a picture in the reader’s mind.  As you introduce the topic, incorporate the right words which will set the tone and direction of the essay. Convey all your main ideas in your introductory paragraph in an engaging manner

Create a thesis statement

The statement will be the most prominent idea in your essay. The statement will set the perspective and framework of your essay as well as control the information you convey

Engage all the senses

You have to involve the reader’s five senses and emotions. To achieve this, you can utilize personification and descriptive adjectives to create that explicit picture in the reader’s mind

Create an outline

The outline should list details of what you intend to discuss in your paragraphs that supports your thesis statement.  Each paragraph should have its main idea but group all your paragraphs along a similar theme

Write a conclusion

It should have a strong finishing and it should recap your thesis statement.

Review your work and proofread it for any grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes before you submit it

Tips on writing a great descriptive essay

  • Plan on what you want to describe, why you want to write about it, and the particular qualities you will focus your attention on
  • Write from a personal angle to make your description informative and enjoyable to read. Avoid very complex sentences and very formal expressions in your description
  • Use vivid language that compliments your sensory-based description. The reader should experience what you are describing through your words, so furnish your essay with enough details that eliminate any ambiguity
  • Use similes and metaphors to make your descriptive more detailed and vivid. Similes and metaphors make it easier for your reader to understand what you are communicating because they can visualize through your words.
  • Organize your work in the descriptive essay so that it’s easier for the reader to follow and visualize your object of description. Assign a theme to each paragraph and ensure there is a logical transition between the paragraph and coherence of thoughts. The structure of your essay is pegged upon the subject you have chosen and the mood you want to create
  • Conducting thorough research on your topic to gather new facts and combine them with what you already know to write an amazing paper with in-depth descriptive information

Common mistakes you should avoid while writing a descriptive essay

There are common mistakes often overlooked while writing that can lower your grade. It’s important you avoid them if you intend to produce an exceptional piece of writing. They include:

Over-using adjectives

Adjectives are commonly used for descriptive writing and it makes perfect sense to generously us them. However, the use of more than three adjectives consecutively throughout the paper, disrupts flow of thoughts and the paper may end up sounding pretentious

Not utilizing similes and metaphors in the description of the essay by over-relying on adjectives alone

Similes and metaphors are also linguistic tools used to describe something thus should be complemented with adjectives

Poor organization

Descriptive essays tend to take an open and relaxed writing approach and as such, the flow of thoughts can be incoherent making it hard for the reader to follow and visualize your object of description

Writing a great descriptive essay can be rewarding while at the same time complicated, if you don’t adhere to the writing guidelines. Apply the above format and strategies in your writing production and you will assured of a captivating and enjoyable descriptive essay.

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