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A persuasion essay is a type of college essay that aims to convince a reader that a certain idea, especially the one you’re personally convinced in, is true. A persuasive essay can be based on your point of view regarding a certain idea, fact, person, etc. There’s a difference between a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay: while an argumentative essay is based on facts, a persuasion essay is meant to convince a reader that something is true using emotions and authority.
In the following post, you will find helpful and exciting persuasive techniques and tips.

What is Persuasive Writing

Psychologists argue that beliefs are nothing more than unconscious information that we take for the truth to justify our actions and attitudes towards life. They also prove that beliefs in many ways fetter a person. They become an obstacle on the way to real-life values. False beliefs lead to tragedy. This can be judged by many epoch-making works of art.
Everyone should be able to write persuasive essays using methods of persuasion in writing because this skill can be helpful both for writing a petition against malnutrition in schools and write a letter to your boss about your salary increase.

How to Write Persuasively

Read the assignment carefully. In general, a persuasion essay is written on the instructions of the teacher. It is essential to read the text of this assignment carefully. Always pay a close attention to the words that will help you understand how to write your persuasion essay. If the assignment contains the phrases “personal experience” or “personal observation,” know that you can use your beliefs to support the arguments.
If the words “defend” or “prove” are found in the text, this means that you need to write an argumentative essay in which only the facts will be necessary. If you are not sure what is expected of you, ask your instructor.
Give yourself time. If you can, think about arguments that you will be pleased to defend. Haste will only get in your way. Give yourself time to brainstorm, write, and review what you’ve written. Whenever possible, start working as early as possible. In this case, you will have a margin of time if something goes wrong (for example, your microwave oven breaks down).
Consider a hypothetical situation with five main elements:

  • the text (that is, the essay),
  • the author (you),
  • the readers,
  • the purpose of the message,
  • the environment (setting).

The text should be clear and well-reasoned (opinions can be included if it is not prohibited). For you as an author who’s to be believed, you will have to study the research material, formulate a thesis statement, and back it up with reasonable facts from reliable sources. The purpose of the post is to convince readers that your point of view is correct.
The setting can be different. An essay is often asked to write at a school or university, and then the work is handed over and received an assessment.

Persuasive Writing Techniques

Draw a plan for your essay and find interesting persuasive techniques. Essays usually have a clear structure, allowing you to present information consistently and excitingly. The essay contains:

  • Introduction. You need to interest the reader, grab his attention. The main idea of the essay should also be placed here, which will be developed below.
  • Introductory paragraphs. In essays with five paragraphs, three paragraphs are the main ones. In other essays, there may be more or fewer paragraphs. No matter how many of them there are, it is essential to talk about one aspect of the topic and give the necessary arguments in each of them. Counterarguments can also be refuted in these paragraphs.
  • Conclusion. Finally, you bring it all together. Here you can turn to emotion, repeat the brightest argument exact, or expand on the original idea. Since your goal is to convince the reader to do something or think about something, you should end with a call to action.

Persuasive Writing Tips

To keep your essay informative and persuasive, follow these tips:

Remember what should be included in the essay

Unless something else is indicated in the assignment’s text, you will need to write an essay according to the classical scheme. A persuasion essay can rely on rhetorical persuasion tools. You will have the opportunity to appeal to emotions, not just logic and proven facts.

Use a variety of justifications, but be very careful

The most convincing are accurate data, facts, and other types of information that are difficult to oppose. Persuasion essays are usually very precise, and the author’s side is unambiguous. This allows the reader to understand from the very beginning what you are trying to convey to them.

Think about your audience

What seems convincing to one person will not convince another. It’s essential to think about who your target audience is. Of course, your teacher will be the primary reader, but you need to consider who else will find your argument convincing.

If you write a persuasive essay on protesting against unhealthy school meals, for example, you should consider who will read the text first. It can be written for the school administration, and then the dependence of student productivity on nutrition will need to be cited as an example.

If you are writing for parents of students, you will need to highlight the health risks and possible costs of treating diseases caused by poor nutrition. If you are writing for students like yourself, focus on personal preference.
Think about the topic of the essay. You may be given a topic as an assignment, but if you were asked to choose it yourself, here are some persuasive techniques and tips:

  • Choose what you like best. Since such essays can appeal to emotions, it is better to choose a topic on which you have your personal opinion. Write about a topic that is important to you and in which you are well versed.
  • Search for a complex topic. Perhaps you like pizza, but it will be challenging to write an interesting essay about it. A topic with more depth and complexity is fine for you, such as animal cruelty or misappropriation of budget funds.
  • Analyze opposing points of view. If you feel that it will be difficult for you to develop arguments, you have most likely chosen the wrong topic. In addition, if your point of view is opposed by many counterarguments that you find challenging to reflect on, it is better to choose something else.

Persuasive Strategies in Writing

Come up with a catchy first phrase. The first sentence should captivate the reader. It can be a question or a quote, a fact, a story, a definition, or a humorous sketch. If the reader wants to read on, or if the introductory phrases correctly describe the situation, it’s safe to say that you have coped with the task.
Include counterarguments in the text. This may not be required, but it will add depth to the composition. Imagine you have an opponent with the opposite point of view. Think about what his strongest arguments might be, and consider objections.

List of Persuasive Techniques

Before submitting your essay to the teacher, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the author’s position clearly expressed in the essay?
  • Is this position supported by weighty arguments and examples?
  • Is there unnecessary information in the text? Are the thoughts in the paragraphs clear enough?
  • Are the counterarguments presented correctly? Are they convincingly refuted?
  • Are the paragraphs in a logical order? Are the transitions smooth between them?
  • Does the conclusion highlight the importance of the position chosen and the need for the reader to think or do something?

It’s essential not only to correct spelling mistakes. You may also have to correct transitions between semantic parts, reverse paragraphs, or rewrite some text with more compelling reasons. Be prepared to make even significant amendments.
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