What To Learn From Abortion Essay Examples?

“I’ve noticed that everybody who is for abortion has already been born.”

Ronald Reagan, New York Times.

“No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg.”

Mathewes-Green, Real Choices, 19. Real Choices.

It is these two polarized citations that contain an extremely charged, complicated, and impossible argument between themselves: that of abortion legality.

Although it is a huge and enormously difficult subject to write on – if not from an academic point of view, then from the standpoint of morality, logic, emotional involvement, etc. – you will see that once we break this assignment in several smaller tasks, it will become much more doable.

Abortion essay examples provide arguments in support of pro-life and pro-choice opinions, teach to structure your writing in an impactful way, and give ideas on how to engage the reader, increasing their awareness.

What is abortion essay all about?

Right from the start, before you even grab your pen or laptop to the right your abortion essay, you should make up your mind if it is the pro-life or pro-choice camp that you are going to support with your writing.

Because whether it is an argumentative essay on abortion or a more emotionally-driven persuasive essay on abortion, you will have to approach it knowing what the matter is all about.

The simplistic take on it is this: the debate on whether or not abortion should be legal is drawn to evaluating the rights of the unborn human being versus those of the woman bearing it.

Now don’t be fooled, there is not a wax cat in hell chance that either we here or you in your final piece will arrive to an eye-opening, trumpet-sounding kind of conclusion and give the matter at hand a closure.

The dilemma in itself is so unthinkably cruel that we might philosophize all we want, it is not going to become any prettier. It is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of situation and a classical instance of “lesser evil principle.”

But what you can do here is to clearly articulate which evil you deem to be lesser.

As a matter of fact, in arguments of this sort, there is at least one other way out.

So if your teacher did not explicitly demand to take any of the two sides, you can pinpoint that the real struggle we should all focus on is preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Argumentative essay on abortion: facts and ideas.

By definition, an argumentative essay is a piece of writing that presents arguments for both conflicting opinions.

No matter which side you support, you will have to back up each camp in an equally unbiased way.

Fret not – even if you are very strongly opinionated about, say, abortions being the abominable practice that should be banned, you still will have the opportunity to make your point, but do so according to certain rules.

Following these simple rules will actually make your point even more reinforced.

  1. Write an introduction, closing it with a strong thesis statement where you express your opinion on the subject.
  2. Provide support for your opinion, giving facts, statistics, examples, and citing verifiable sources. Start with the weakest and escalate to the strongest argument in your defense.
  3. Give a counterargument. Make it the strongest one. Then make readers see why this counterargument cannot hold water.
  4. Write a conclusion, reiterating your standpoint and summing up your arguments in one short paragraph.

See? Hearing out both sides, almost like in a court.

And by the way, since it is the legal status of abortions that is being discussed, it would be disastrous to omit the arguments based on laws and legal definitions.

Mention the most resonant cases that are considered milestones in legislature concerning pregnancy terminations, like that of Roe vs. Wade.

Speak about their role in establishing women’s rights – in this way, you will show how the problem is interwoven into something more global.

Why abortion should be illegal: essay hints

So, you are tasked (or it is your choice) with writing an essay that stigmatizes the practice of medical termination of pregnancy.

Make your point clear in a good introduction:

  • Create a context (you cannot draw a line between a person born and unborn).
  • Provide a lead up (terminating a person’s life is a killing).
  • Craft a thesis (abortions should be illegal because they are killing by definition, and killing is illegal).

While this is just an example of an introduction to abortions should be illegal essay, and you can come up with your own ideas, the structure of the introduction should create the logical environment for you to conclude it with a resonant thesis.

Some helpful quotes you can use are

“Thou shalt not kill,” Richard Halverstone with “Abortion … interferes with God’s plan…”

Karen Kissane and many others you can find here.

Also, some outstandingly written essays on the topic quote medical studies that expose the toll an abortion takes on the mental and physical health of a woman.

Proceed then with providing at least 3 good reasons for why you think abortions should be illegal, providing strong arguments to support each of them, and make a conclusion.

Abortion arguments essay

As mentioned above, an abortion arguments essay gives reasons to support both of the camps.

Whether or not you should take sides or your opinion is that an individual approach should be practiced, or that the matter at hand cannot be resolved with the evidence the history has been coming up with so far – make it known in your thesis.

Play it smart when picking the objection to your opinion expressed in the thesis.

It may be tempting to give a weak one, but it will inevitably make your own arguments seem week.

Pick the most challenging one, find its weak spot, or say that it is a good one – but find a way to prove that it does not take away from the veracity of your stance.

Having a problem with that part? Let an expert help you tackle it.

Recap all of the above in a conclusion, sounding your opinion in an impactful way.

Should abortion be legal? Essay ideas

Essays that support the legal status of abortions are called “pro-choice abortion essays.”

The very name of it gives you a plethora of ideas to support your viewpoint, the most important of which is that women have a right to choose what to do with their bodies.

Other reasons to make abortions legal is the statistics that show the futility and even dangerous nature of laws against pregnancy termination: abortions do not dwindle in number but become a much more riskier procedure when made illegal.

It is extremely challenging to object to the counterargument in a should abortion be legal essay, because the strongest counterargument there stigmatizes abortions as a killing act.

However, you can use it to expose the difficulty of choice every woman faces individually and society as a whole when making this heartrending decision.

You can provide examples where minors or rape victims are concerned to truly show that this dilemma cannot possibly have a one-size-fits-all kind of solution.

A conclusion to this kind of abortion argument essay can hold suggestions as to how to prevent unwanted pregnancies: spread sexual education, invest in family planning, make contraceptives more affordable, ring down crimes against women, etc.

Persuasive essay on abortion: how to write?

A persuasive essay on abortion should be centered around strong emotional points. It is your opinion that matters the most here, and you are tasked with giving good reasons for you to have it.

The ultimate task is for you to compel readers to take your side; or in the very least, to see the arguments you give as strong and valid.

And here is where abortion essay examples come in handy: read at least five of them to see the logic behind the structure they use.

After an introduction that contains a clear-cut thesis (and we remember that thesis is the topic complete with your opinion), authors of persuasive essays give their reasons for supporting this or that side of the debate.

These reasons are the main ideas, and presented in a logical and consecutive way (from weakest to strongest), they give your piece of writing the needed ideological basis and cohesion.

A major tip for persuading your audience to take your side of the argument is by making them see how the topic can affect them personally.

Feel a little confused as to how do that practically? Read more abortion essay examples, or hire an expert to help you come up with the ideas!

Bottom line

Writing an essay on abortions requires a lot of in-depth understanding of what political, legal, medical, social, and psychological factors underlie the problem.

Forming your own opinion is the crucial first step to take in the right direction.

Finding a way to make a reader see how the issue affects them as a part of the society will give you a solid ground to land on for a persuasive kind of essay, and piling up factual evidence in favor or against abortions is the key to write an A-grader argumentative essay.

Can’t come up with a decent text and the due date is close? Hand it to the trained pro’s and save some time for yourself!

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