Learning as a Never Ending Party: When Is It Enough of Education?

Today, constant learning has become a good word. We are all trying to keep up to the modern world and learn new things all the time. But there’s a dark side to constant learning. We are talking about so-called eternal students, who seem to feel too comfortable in their university or college campus.
Learning as a Never Ending
There is a story of a German student who has spent 12 years in college not wanting to leave though he had all the necessary credits to graduate. The dictionary defines ‘eternal students’ as people who avoid getting a job as long as possible by taking new courses. So, are these people afraid of the life outside the university? Or are they just devoted scholars, who enjoy studying a lot?

Never prepared enough

Some psychologists believe it is caused by the fear of failure, when a person can’t stop getting ready for the life that is not about to start. Or it may be caused by a natural love for studying that somehow didn’t merge into choosing the right way. The main thing here is to be able to implement what you’ve learned and show your new skills in your day-to-day life. Like Celeste Legaspi, an actress, who debuted in 1970’s and is still taking classes of acting in a school run by her son-in-law. The best place to master new knowledge is a set of a TV series or a play, she says. On the other hand, people who study constantly seem the new Renaissance men, always craving to broaden their knowledge and abilities. It is so different from the narrow specialization of modern education. However, let’s give such a person an opportunity to speak: ‘I love finding new skills and acquiring new knowledge. I just haven’t found anything that I’m ready to dedicate my entire life to,’ writes a blogger who admits being an eternal student. Of course, the definition of good and bad is subjective. However, if you feel that you fully realize your potential and manage to succeed in work, you’re probably doing it right. Whatever you do with your academic career, do what seems good to you.

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