How to Write a Paper in the APA Format (7th Edition)?

The American Psychological Association developed the APA citation format. Today it is one of the most common formats for scientific and research papers, especially in psychology, sociology, business, mathematics, economics, nursing, and justice and law. It isn’t easy to perceive all the APA requirements immediately, but with the help of the tips below, you can easily prepare and write an APA-style publication.

  1. References for extended annotation in English must be prepared according to the international bibliographic standard APA (
  2. The bibliographic APA description must be transliterated in Latin letters.
  3. It is necessary to pay attention to writing the names of the authors in English. Most modern publications contain the title of the article and the authors’ surnames in English.
  4. After the title in Latin letters, the English translation is indicated in parentheses.

APA 7th Edition Research Paper How-to

Find instructions on how to design your publications in APA style. Search a bookstore, library, or search the Internet. The official instructions contain detailed information about the peculiarities of the APA style, and the most recent editions contain sections on the ethics of printed materials, Internet sources, tables, and graphs.

There are several editions of the APA instructions. Changes are made to the APA  standards from time to time, so you need to use the most recent revision to ensure that the design meets the current standards.

Start preparing your cover page:

  1. Format the position of the title to the center of the page. The title should not exceed 12 words.
  2. Press Enter and type your name.
  3. The name of your university or other educational institution is placed under the name.

All text is double-spaced and centered. The title should not contain abbreviations or introductory words.

If you have any copyright APA citation format notes, please post them at the bottom of the title page. This information may include details of grants received or contact details for sending correspondence.

Insert a header at the top of the cover page. The title should contain an abbreviated (no more than 50 characters) title of your work. Write this in a text editor in capital letters, left-aligned.

A cap is needed on every page. There is no need to write the title after the first page, only the abbreviated title of the work. There should be a page number on the right edge (on all pages).

APA Manual 7th Edition New Stuff

A text editor that you can find on the Internet may contain templates and APA style guides. For example, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and EasyOffice can automatically format bibliographies, footnotes, and citations according to APA requirements.

If you are not sure about built-in templates, it is better to take the risk and format the text manually.

You can also include a list of keywords in the annotation. Write on a new line Keywords and list the basic APA concepts. This will make it easier to find your work when other researchers (and simply interested in the topic) search for material in databases.

APA Essay Format

Explore the specifics of future formatting publications, including essays. APA formatting involves many technical details: font size, line spacing, margins, headers. To get the best grade for your essay, all of these requirements must be met.

For body text, use 12 point serifs (Times New Roman). Use a sans-serif typeface (such as Arial) for headings and captions for illustrations.

Use double spacing for everything, including body text, headings, headers and footers, quotes, APA bibliography, and illustration captions. Set the first line of each paragraph to be indented 1.27 cm (1/2 in.). Align the text to the left, leaving the right margin.

APA Research Paper Format

Remember to get things in order when you write your Research Paper. Each page should be numbered in a specific order. Each chapter or section starts on a new page. Before posting a publication, all pages must be numbered sequentially, starting with page 1.

Page 1 is the title page. Page 2 is an abstract of your work. Page 3 is the beginning of the main text. The list of publications starts with a new page after the main text. Tables are placed after the bibliography. Each table starts on a new page.

Illustrations are placed after the tables, each illustration on a separate page. Each application starts on a new page.

Research Paper Outline Template

Create annotation, outline, and body text. It should start on a new page and contain 150-250 words. This is a short description of your work that states the purpose, methodology, results, and conclusions. Annotation is a separate page entitled “Annotation” at the top of the page (center alignment).

Do not forget about the header – this is the short title of the work and the page number. Include in the annotation everything you need: the topic of the work, what issue is being researched, information about other people who participated in the work, methodology, results, data analysis, and highlights from the findings.

You can also include here information about the prospect of further research based on your work, mentioning possible new horizons.

APA Style Research Paper

Begin the main text of your research paper. All other requirements relating to the APA  formatting to be followed. This section must also start with a new page, use the same header and footer, and continue pagination. Type your research title again and get to work.

The text is formatted with double spacing and indented a paragraph’s first line as with other parts of the work.

According to the APA citation format requirements, the main text of the publication should contain four sections: introduction, methodology, results, conclusions. Each section should be appropriately titled (bold APA formatting, center alignment). The only exception is the introduction (this is the title of your work), printed in regular font. Your instructor should talk about the content of each section in class. Each section has different requirements.

APA Format Example

Many sample publications can be found on the Internet. If a design rule is not entirely clear, find a similar work and use similar APA formatting (the work must be downloaded from a trustworthy site).

Attach tables, graphs, or comments. If there is information to support your research, but it takes up too much space, put it after the main text. Tables and illustrations are also placed after the main text.

Use footnotes for lengthy explanations. The footnote number is inserted immediately after the corresponding word or sentence in the text. In addition, a Footnotes section is inserted at the end of the publication.

Check your work for errors. As you do your work, keep an eye on several essential points: consistency and clarity of presentation, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. When all the APA formatting requirements are met, look at the text of the work several times. During each check, pay attention to a specific point.

How to Cite in APA

Learn to insert quotes correctly. The APA style provides for slight differences for quotations from different sources. The requirements change from time to time, so it is better to check with the teacher what standards are relevant today in 7th Edition.

APA citation format linking rules are based on the author-year system. The surname of the author and the date of the source creation is indicated inside the text. The link should be indicated for each paragraph or sentence that is not written by the author of the work or in the formulation of which other people’s thoughts and ideas were used.

For a paragraph, the link is added after the period for a sentence. For example, at the end of a sentence to a point or in the middle, depending on the wording of the text.

In the case of a quote, you must indicate the page number where the quote is taken from. The number is indicated after the year and is separated by a colon. If numbered  APA format links are used, then it is easier to link within the text.

It makes no difference where the quote is taken from a paper source or the Internet.

You need to refer in any case! If a web page was used, then the author and year (date of updating or viewing) must also be indicated in APA format. If the author is not indicated in the source, it is necessary to refer to the name and year. The  APA format source should be well studied. The author can also indicate the organization or owner of the web page.

Need Help w. APA Citations?

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