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Simple, easy and practical instructions to write an essay on book

What is an essay on book?

An essay on book refers to writing an analysis of a book. It is crucial to understand how to write a book article since your teacher may instruct you to write about a book that you have just read in class. You may also need such knowledge to write about your favorite novel.

You need to understand that writing a book essay is not hard. Some students become terrified when it comes to writing such articles because they do not know how to do so. Some fear that they will not capture the book’s theme. Others are afraid to write because they did not understand the book. These concerns have prevented many individuals from writing captivating texts about the books they enjoy. You will have the ability to write good book essays once you get rid of the fears preventing you from writing.

The following tips will assist you to address your concerns about writing book essays.The following tips will assist you to address your concerns about writing book essays.

  • One mistake that people make when writing text articles is failing to read and comprehend the contents of the book. How can you write about something that you do not know or do not understand? It becomes difficult to express yourself in such a case. You are at an advantage to analyze a book that you have read and understood. Therefore, the first and important point is to read and understand the book. Proper comprehension will make it easier to identify the major themes, styles, and issues that the author was communicating. It becomes simpler to write the article since you know the book. You will also have the ability to express your stand on the key issues and criticize some of the points that the author highlighted. A good book essay is the byproduct of proper comprehension because you will have the ability to analyze key issues.
  • Note that a book essay is different from a book summary. A summary entails a brief account of the main points while an essay involves an analysis of the text. The analysis includes looking at the themes, character traits, styles used by the author, key issues that the author addresses. Your book essay should also be an analysis of these things. You should show your audience that you understood the book and issues that the author was addressing.
  • You should jot down the themes, styles, and character traits of the book after reading and understanding it. The short notes will assist you as you write. Say for example you have read a book and want to write the important points, list the characters and their traits, write the major themes and the styles that the author used.
  • Plan your essay. Lack of planning will prevent you from properly executing your essay. It will guide you as you write your introduction and the body of your essay.
  • Write a captivating introduction. An introduction speaks volumes about your essay. The introduction should be interesting, captivating and witty to pique your reader’s interests. You can use a phrase from the book, a question, or an anecdote that relates to the book. The introduction paragraph should also have a thesis statement that contains a summary of the essay’s argument. It should be complete, informative, and communicate your message eloquently.
  • The body will contain the major points of the book. Explain the points fully. If you are writing about the theme, say of ‘Materialism,’ you should support it with various quotes from the book; explain the reasons why the author used the theme, and highlight various characters that bring out the theme.
  • The essay should also have a conclusion that summarizes the main points.
  • Note that you should use good grammar as you write the essay. Use transition words to show the continuity of a thought. Use paragraphs to separate different points. Remember that a paragraph has five sentences. Most importantly, follow the correct format and word limit.
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